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RE: [bn-basic] RE:syllabus

Oct 15, 2001 07:17 PM
by dalval14

Monday, October 15, 2001

Re Change of weight between living and dead person

Dear friend:

Do you have any reference or source for this?

I have been trying to find one for a long time that gives names,
times, places and measurements..

If you can point me to some place where this is stated I would
appreciate it.

It has been noted (I mean the sudden loss of weight within about
1/2 an hour after physical death) ; and as narrated to me, this
was supposed to show the "weight" of the "Astral Body" when it
left the physical for the state (plane ?) of Kama-Loka.

But if the nature of the Astral substance is "electro-magnetic"
then where would the "weight" factor enter ?

But that does not make much sense unless the astral matter is
also ponderable in term of physical matter measures.

Thanks and help !



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That things can become literal we are quite aware insomuch as
that at one
time not too long ago ,scientists tried to weigh a person while
alive and
then weigh them after they had died to see if there was any
change in
weight(true story).

All this revolved around the proposition that man has a soul.
That man is a soul was really taken for granted (one presumes )
back in the
times of Christ.
Several parables speak of the relationships of mind , body and
spirit back


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