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RE: Theos-World Re to Brigitte

Oct 15, 2001 05:19 PM
by Tony

Where did you get the idea that "one has to "wait" till one is ready,
and "they" contact you?"?

No wonder you find "them" elusive.

It was Sinnett who contacted the Masters (via HPB), not the other way round.

Was it the Masters who came to Damodar, or was it Damodar who went to the

And even with HPB, a different situation, with the Master initially coming
to her... they had looked for a suitable person in a western body for 100
years or so...but surely ultimately it was HPB who went to them? How could
it be otherwise?

And Letter CXXXIV (Mahatma Letters):
"What have we, the disciples of the true Arhats, of esoteric Buddhism and of
Sang-gyas to do with the Shasters and Orthodox Brahmanism? There are 100 of
thousands of Fakirs, Sannyasis and Saddhus leading the most pure lives, and
yet being as they are, on the path of error, never having had an opportunity
to meet, see or even hear of us. Their forefathers have driven away the
followers of the only true philosophy upon earth away from India and now, it
is not for the latter to come to them but to them to come to us if they want


<<<<<<<What I wonder also is how this is (from the perspective of the
history of ideas and the underlying message, that is the inner attitude
that creates) works out with theosophy , where the emphasis is "not
so much" on one source, or a God , but more on an elusive
group of beings called Masters , and one has to "wait" till one is ready,
and "they" contact you?
Thank you,

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