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Re: Theos-World A Great Astral Projection Method

Oct 15, 2001 02:29 PM
by Monica Suzuki

A few people extol the value of this mediumistic method. However, I 
would like to add some words of caution.

To experience higher levels of consciousness, the soul must dissolve 
the present conditions within his physical, emotional, and mental 
bodies in which he finds himself trapped  traps such as hatred, 
prejudice, anger, jealousy, vanity, ego, selfishness, and self-
centeredness; traps of maya, glamor, and illusion. Access to these 
levels depends on the vibratory rate of the individual's lower 
vehicles as to which ones he can enter. Those whose vehicles are not 
prepared to enter higher levels of consciousness (which the seven 
planes represent) will not vibrate with the right frequency and 
therefore, their vehicles will suffer heavy damage or even 
destruction such as death. Some people have been known to die in 
their sleep and in some cases, the cause of death remains unknown.

I wrote a poem which describes the inherent dangers of soul flight or 
as some call it, astral projection. There is a difference between 
the two methods, one of which does not involve the rending of the 
etheric garment.

The Doomed Flight Of Icarus
by Monica Suzuki

The day arrives to escape to the azure sky;
Daedalus warns his son of potential doom;
Icarus looks his father in the eye;
He thinks the old man is full of gloom.

The foolish lad spreads his waxen wings to fly
Giddy with the freedom of exhilaration.
As he soars higher and higher into the sky,
Fragile wings melt as he draws nearer to the sun.

The father looks around for his son;
Icarus plunges helplessly into the sea;
Horrified and powerless to save his poor son,
Daedalus cries out in tortured agony.

Youthful pride caused the son's demise;
Forget not the sad fate of Icarus' flight;
Humility is truly the cornerstone of the wise,
As one grows upward in wisdom's light.

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