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RE: Theos-World A Great Astral Projection Method

Oct 15, 2001 04:05 PM
by nos

Hi Monica (and interested others),

I've got a Mindlab - Have you tried them? It pulses lights and sounds
to bring you into altered states with an easy transition...

But anyway - my point was - those traps of maya are the kama that brings
us back - those that don't have avoided them ;)



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|From: Monica Suzuki [] 
|Sent: Tuesday, 16 October 2001 6:59 AM
|Subject: Re: Theos-World A Great Astral Projection Method
|A few people extol the value of this mediumistic method. However, I 
|would like to add some words of caution.
|To experience higher levels of consciousness, the soul must dissolve 
|the present conditions within his physical, emotional, and mental 
|bodies in which he finds himself trapped  traps such as hatred, 
|prejudice, anger, jealousy, vanity, ego, selfishness, and 
|self- centeredness; traps of maya, glamor, and illusion.  
|Access to these 
|levels depends on the vibratory rate of the individual's lower 
|vehicles as to which ones he can enter. Those whose vehicles are not 
|prepared to enter higher levels of consciousness (which the seven 
|planes represent) will not vibrate with the right frequency and 
|therefore, their vehicles will suffer heavy damage or even 
|destruction such as death. Some people have been known to die in 
|their sleep and in some cases, the cause of death remains unknown.
|I wrote a poem which describes the inherent dangers of soul flight or 
|as some call it, astral projection. There is a difference between 
|the two methods, one of which does not involve the rending of the 
|etheric garment.
|The Doomed Flight Of Icarus
|by Monica Suzuki
|The day arrives to escape to the azure sky;
|Daedalus warns his son of potential doom;
|Icarus looks his father in the eye;
|He thinks the old man is full of gloom.
|The foolish lad spreads his waxen wings to fly
|Giddy with the freedom of exhilaration.
|As he soars higher and higher into the sky,
|Fragile wings melt as he draws nearer to the sun.
|The father looks around for his son;
|Icarus plunges helplessly into the sea;
|Horrified and powerless to save his poor son,
|Daedalus cries out in tortured agony.
|Youthful pride caused the son's demise;
|Forget not the sad fate of Icarus' flight;
|Humility is truly the cornerstone of the wise,
|As one grows upward in wisdom's light.
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