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RE: Theos-World Fw: [nadervt] Warning: The present condition of the U.S.

Oct 06, 2001 01:59 AM
by dalval14

Saturday, October 06, 2001

Dear Nos:

Please review the BHAGAVAD GITA -- there is no "moment of
silence" that descended on Krishna the Teacher, as I read it. I
believe you will find that amore accurate statement depicts that
it was Arjuna, the pupil, who was momentarily stunned in Chapter
11, when he was shown (by the temporary gift of the DIVINE
EYE) -- the vision of the UNIVERSAL FORM of Krishna the

This Universal vision, as I understand it, is a symbol of the

We can all claim the ONE SPIRIT of the UNIVERSE as the common and
single source of our being, and, of our intimate and eternal
relationship with humanity and everything else.

Only those who tenaciously adhere to the notion of the
separateness of the personality (plunged in the delusions of
matter and its limitations) view their present independence as an
accident, a "bit of luck," and not as an essentiality -- and they
cannot account for their own uniqueness, or their future when
this life ceases.

But the BHAGAVAD GITA and theosophy does do exactly that. And
that is one of the reasons that it is important. If you read and
study the KEY TO THEOSOPHY (HPB) you will find how it is there
explained that the cooperative nature and the cohesion of all
aspects of the Universe, our would and our physical forms are
analogous, and have for center the Perceptive faculty (a "Ray of
the One Spirit") around which all their nature is aggregated.

Krishna was depicted as the god incarnate in EVERYTHING including
the highest essence of Arjuna ( see Chapter 10 description:
"Among the Pandava, I am Arjuna..." )

The BHAGAVAD GITA depicts the effort of the pupil (Arjuna) who
seeks to know ism own INNER and HIGHER SELF -- the ATMAN within.
Krishna is one who has achieved this and assists him is

It is a most interesting and helpful treatise on the psychology
of all human beings.

Best wishes,



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From: nos []
Sent: Thursday, October 04, 2001 9:44 PM
Subject: RE: Theos-World Fw: [nadervt] Warning: The present
condition of the U.S.

What did Krishna do in that moment of silence that descended him
during his battle?

And maybe I'm missing something but the conversation started with
a talk
on moral equivalence - now you're telling me MY world is the
B&W the thread dude.

New, old, same.

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From: Bill Meredith []
Sent: Wednesday, 3 October 2001 9:04 PM
Subject: Re: Theos-World Fw: [nadervt] Warning: The present
condition of the U.S.

On the contrary Nos, the world Michele describes is the
complex world of living color. It is the world in which we
act. Your world of 'Why didn't we' , why don't we', and 'how
dare we' is the simple world of black and white. You fool
yourself when you look at the world through rose colored
glasses and convince yourself that the color you see is not

No matter when we move to eradicate terrorism, you will ask why
we didn't move earlier. No matter what we do, you will
criticize our motives. Nos, we are selfish - same as you.
Can you deny your selfish motives, even in these discussions?
Do you hold us to a higher standard than you hold yourself?
The question in the end is who will win - the selfish US who
has historically raised the bar of freedom for one
disenfranchised group after another - or those selfish others
who continue to repress and/or attack every group that is not

Not one standard,
> From: nos <>
> To:
> Subject: RE: Theos-World Fw: [nadervt] Warning: The present
> of
the U.S.
> Date: Wednesday, October 03, 2001 12:32 AM
> If only we could all live in such a simple world.
> Why didn't the world do anything about this repression to
women BEFORE
> WTC911?
> Why hasn't the US/UN done anything about the repression and
> Can I ask what degree you are studying Officer Jenny?
> Cfud
> Negative observations silenced
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> From: Michele Lidofsky []
> Sent: Wednesday, 3 October 2001 1:41 PM
> To:
> Subject: Re: Theos-World Fw: [nadervt] Warning: The present
> condition of the U.S.
> nos wrote:
> > So what - it's ok to hate as long as you choose the right
> Of course we can have no enemies and hate no-one.
> We can also have a totalitarian movement, who are tribalists of
> a medieval brutality succeed, and impose their vision of utopia
on us.
> They forbid women to have an education, health care, work, or
> to walk on the streets unless completely covered by a face-mask
> and a tent. They bury a woman suspected of adultery up to her
> shoulders before stoning her to death. They kill suspected
> homosexuals by collapsing walls on them. They have driven
> millions of desperate fellow Afghans into exile, and leave the
> remainder to face destitution, and starvation. Religious
> freedom, social mobility, tolerance, the guarantee of rights
> and liberties in law, are all unheard of.
> The left, who were happy to have left millions to the mercy of
> Communism and the gulags, may also be happy to leave millions
> at the mercy of this kind of Islamist terror - lining up as
> usual on the side of oppression and lies.
> As Chris Weinkopf of the NY Daily News has noted, moral
> equivalence is rooted in a kind of moral stupidity (or moral
> denial) - it's the inability or refusal to ever make
> distinctions between the genuinely good, the merely unpleasant,
> and the patently evil.
> Michele
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