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RE: [bn-sd] Parabrahm, Higher Regions, Sabda Brahm and the Logos

Oct 04, 2001 02:22 AM
by dalval14

Thursday, October 04, 2001

Dear Peter:

it is of course comforting to know that LAW prevails right to the
orifice of re-creation and that there are WISE ONES entrusted
with the supervision of nature's laws (KARMA) right to the
beginning and the end of periodicity.

I use the word "orifice," because if we consider the unlimited
extent of Nature (the Universe) we will only be able to think of
or say: a simultaneous change of state, or a revolution of the
entire mass of manifested matter through some change that
corresponds with the great PRINCIPLES and their "rulers" [ see S
D I 570 -575 ]

That apart, what practical application can we make of such
information to our daily lives?

Does it reinforce our perception and grasp of the orderliness of
nature? Does it make it more certain that laws and rules of
brotherhood prevail always?

That none can escape for good or ill any cause they originate ?

Yes there are innumerable grades and levels of interaction and of
supervision in order to achieve the marvelous sensitivity that
KARMA on a universal scale implies.

Best wishes,


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> What may be different is that these other teachings
> break down the "unthinkable and unspeakable regions"
> into fine gradations & actually assign "rulers" to
> each region.

As we work through the Secret Doctrine together we will find many
hints and
references to such 'regions' and 'rulers'. We will discover
references to , for example, the Brahma Lokas, Deva Lokas, the
Divine and
Formless Worlds, and their rulers such as the Aeons, Dhyani
Buddhas, Dhyan
Chohans, Celestial Bodhisattvas, Brahma Devas, Seraphim & so on.

> The other premise of the Shabda teachings, that
> I have not seen in Theosophy literature, is that
> one of the main functions of Brahm is to keep soul
> trapped into the illusions of matter, energy, space
> and time & that the only means of escape to the
> regions of "Sat Nam" and above is by following the
> "sound current".

>From a Theosophical perpective Brahm' would be viewed as a
collective of the
Highest Spiritual Intelligences. One group of these referred to
as "The
Lipika" circumscribe the "Ring Pass Not".

"The Lipika separate the world (or plane) of pure spirit from
that of
Matter. Those who "descend and ascend" -- the incarnating Monads,
and men
striving towards purification and "ascending," but still not
having quite
reached the goal -- may cross the "circle of the Pass-Not," only
on the day
"Be-With-Us"; that day when man, freeing himself from the
trammels of
ignorance, and recognising fully the non-separateness of the Ego
within his
personality -- erroneously regarded as his own -- from the
(Anima Supra-Mundi), merges thereby into the One Essence to
become not only
one "with us" (the manifested universal lives which are "ONE"
LIFE), but
that very life itself."
(SD I 130)


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