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RE: Theos-World RE: [bn-sd] Parabrahm, Higher Regions, Sabda Brahm and the Logos

Oct 04, 2001 08:24 AM
by Peter Merriott

> That apart, what practical application can we
> make of such information to our daily lives?

Dear Dallas,

Thanks for your very thoughtful questions. As I reflected on your post I
realised to my surprise that I do not regard such knowledge as
"information". I felt "yes" at one level there is the element of
information, there is the conceptual component that one can reflect upon,
interpret, relay to others and so on. But at another level the living truth
within such concepts is more like a 'stream of ideation', a 'living current
of wisdom', which touches upon and awakens the heart. It seems to work on
the basis of like attracts, or evokes, like.

Not all conceptual knowledge carries this 'current', and the 'current' is
not limited to conceptual knowledge. At least this is my experience, which
is of course limited. Sometimes one is not in the right space of readiness
to sense it, even though I / we may know the conceptual side inside out.
Perhaps we could say the latter is the outer husk while the living-ness of
wisdom (albeit sensed faintly) is the growing seed (bija) that will one day
break through that husk, that 'ring pass not' of ignorance. It is
ultimately un-containable providing we nourish it regularly.

Sankaracharya said that "Knowledge of the absolute Spirit, like the
effulgence of the sun... is naught else than the absolute Essence itself."
This suggests to me that true knowledge, Wisdom, is not something we have
but something we are. Wisdom and Being are one and the same.

So, I suppose I would say each of us has to become a srotapanna, "one who
enters the stream" of living Wisdom and Being. And this stream is not
outside of us, it is within us, in our hearts. We are that which enters the
stream, we are the stream, and we are its source.

I think ultimately that when we are touched by such 'wisdom' it begins to
awaken 'who' and 'what' we really are. Perhaps this might bring with it a
more natural way of being in the world that is of more use to our fellow
travellers and all life, whether or not we know the ins and outs of
metaphysics and occult law. The sun shines simply because it is itself, it
rests in its own nature. Thuswise it is also a light on the path for others.

just some thoughts,

best wishes,


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> From:

> Dear Peter:

> it is of course comforting to know that LAW prevails right to the
> orifice of re-creation and that there are WISE ONES entrusted
> with the supervision of nature's laws (KARMA) right to the
> beginning and the end of periodicity.

> I use the word "orifice," because if we consider the unlimited
> extent of Nature (the Universe) we will only be able to think of
> or say: a simultaneous change of state, or a revolution of the
> entire mass of manifested matter through some change that
> corresponds with the great PRINCIPLES and their "rulers" [ see S
> D I 570 -575 ]

> That apart, what practical application can we make of such
> information to our daily lives?

> Does it reinforce our perception and grasp of the orderliness of
> nature? Does it make it more certain that laws and rules of
> brotherhood prevail always?

> That none can escape for good or ill any cause they originate ?

> Yes there are innumerable grades and levels of interaction and of
> supervision in order to achieve the marvelous sensitivity that
> KARMA on a universal scale implies.

> Best wishes,

> Dallas

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