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RE: [bn-study] Where are the Masters? Where is Theosophy to be stideid?

Oct 04, 2001 01:11 AM
by dalval14

Wednesday, October 03, 2001


Dear Friend:

I said that no organization has any right to claim that the Mahatmas have
connections of some kind relative to it.

In other words, as I understand what they have written in the MAHATMA
LETTERS, their connections are not focused on any thing, any organization,
or any person unless those are actively doing working for universal good, as
the Masters work, serving humanity impersonally, and exemplifying Theosophy
in daily and hourly practise of UNIVERSAL BROTHERHOOD.

What I mean is.

If the members (of the THEOSOPHICAL SOCIETY, or of any organization that
hopes to draw Masters’ attention) actually apply and practice UNIVERSAL
BROTHERHOOD without any fault, then, then they will be united, generous,
gracious, assisting all others, and practicing benevolence. They will make
the world welcome at their door and have no restrictions or any specific
barriers. How can Theosophy, in its practice, be made anything but
generous and constructive? How is it possible to claim to be a
“Theosophist” and not study and know what the Masters have said, what
H.P.Blavatsky has taught, and how she lived what she taught?

These qualities are the manifestation of individual determination, and are
not defined in terms of groups, or rites, rituals, ceremonies, mantrams,
etc…but are adopted individually and independently by those members who
elect to practice THEOSOPHY as it was originally delivered to them, we have
the evidence immediately in front of us. We also have the evidence of H P B
in her life and letters and books and articles.

But we are not to judge others.

We can recommend a test: Pick up any issue of the first 10 Volumes of THE
THEOSOPHIST between 1879 and 1888, and compare its pages and the quality of
its articles with the present day issues of THE THEOSOPHIST. Draw your own

If THEOSOPHY is not the criterion for all students of Theosophy whether in
or out of the THEOSOPHICAL SOCIETY, then, what is? The challenge has always
been there. Who has met it?

Take myself - a long time student of Theosophy, struggling hard to learn, to
exemplify, as best I can, those spiritual ethics outlined for all of us. I
make errors and mistakes all the time -- because of my own limitations, but
I desire to continue and to present THEOSOPHY (and not myself) as a basis
for comparison. I am nothing. Theosophy is everything. It includes all
sciences, religions and philosophies. What more do we need to do? Study,
compare and prove its worth to ourselves and open as many doors and windows
as we are able for others to discover the treasures we believe are there for

Best wishes,



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Friday, September 28, 2001

That was a very important question that Dalva posted. This brings me to a
couple of e-mails that were never posted in the discussion. Does the
Theosophical Society still shave the living connection with the Masters of
Wisdom like Blavatsky and many other Theosophical members used to have? If
so where are they and how could the movement have a conscious connection
with them?
Isn't that important to know that that connection still exists, and that
students can still have the Living connection with them?

Can anyone help to answer these questions?


Joao Campos ---
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