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RE: [bn-sd] RE: Table?

Oct 04, 2001 01:11 AM
by dalval14

Wednesday, October 03, 2001

Dear Friend:

I, too, benefited from "Theosophy School." I always felt
encouraged to seek for those difficult to answer questions. 9--
as I felt that with the help of the "Fundamentals" I could find
the solutions, apart from securing corroborating quotations.

I also noticed that the use of the "Platonic" method of counter
question made it necessary for me to stretch my mind and make use
of all the memories that I had as well as the constructive
aspect -- I mean, the building in and out of the "fundamentals"
to explanations for observed problems or material phenomena.

Of course this took (and still takes) a long time to get a
satisfactory mosaic our of the various fragments. So patience is
a "must."

I always felt that the "answers" were to be found. I always took
it for granted that the Universe (Nature) was supportive. I also
felt that Karma was a just and fair expression of our situation
and if anything went "wrong" then somewhere I had erred. So I
determined to discover as much as I could using both Theosophical
principles and doctrines as well as those I had learned in
school, and college -- and on the way, test both with my own
independent understanding.

It always seems quite fair to me to consider the "Divine
Principle" (of spiritual wisdom and purity) to be universal and
the "cement" so to say to any consideration as it is linked to
others. Nothing ever seemed to be totally isolated. Cooperation
and inter-active work seemed to be present everywhere, and
gradually one can accumulate enough testimony and proof to
demonstrate to ones' self the validity of this concept. The
converse would be incomprehensible and unreasonable chaos.
"Oil" as I understand it, is "anointment" and has to do with the
ability of the highest aspect of the Personality (Kama-Manas) to
serve as a basis for the connection with Buddhi-Manas. We speak
of the "oil of compassion." Also, of the soothing of ruffled
waters -- as pouring oil on the waves.-- seems to me that wisdom
is the "oil of understanding and discrimination."
Oil and water are both fluids at normal temperature, yet they do
not mix. Oil floats. Agitated water is subservient to oil as
Kama-Manas is subservient to Buddhi-Manas. (One has to
constantly bear in mind the qualities and conditions of the "7
Principles" )
Apart from that one has to recollect that NOTHING ever happens by
chance. What we call ACCIDENT or CALAMITY an unexplained
precipitation of Karma that is supposed by most to happen by
chance. What we call ACCIDENT are conditions of the operation
of Karma.. We have to seek for the causes. We also need to look
at our response to such things and decide if we have a proclivity
in some unsound direction.

I do hope this proves to be of help,

Best wishes,



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Sent: Tuesday, October 02, 2001 2:52 PM
Subject: [bn-sd] RE: Table?

Like all good offerings they seem to raise more questions than
The "things to think about " sections in the Eternal Verities
have always
seemed to be the same way .
When i was a student in Theosophy school i couldn't help but
notice there
seemed to be no ready answers to most of the questions asked at
the end of
each chapter and so it goes today even after having gone over
many times
numerous theosophical writings those questions still seem hard to
Sometimes it seems the "Closet" seems best suited for answers
although the
outward garment may become tattered the light sees not the
Thanks for your thoughts , Dallas.
If anyone would like to clear up the word "Oil" in the psalm , i
would be
happy to listen.

Subj: [bn-sd] RE: Table?
Date: 10/2/01 3:21:52 PM Eastern Daylight Time

I am under the impression that Jesus came to reform and did not
accept or recommend the OLD TESTAMENT. In any case who follows
his precepts? A pity all his work went for so little to change
human nature.

So why bother about the psalms which are translated from the
Hebrew originals? What would be the IDEAL meanings?

Certainly not materialized. Would not the table of the "Logos"
be symbolical of the manifested aspect of Nature? What are the
"enemies of Nature" unless they be illegitimacy in the
application of universal Law ? What does "oil" signify? Wisdom?
And is not the "head" a symbol for the brain-mind that directs
choice in manifestation -- a quality we all should profit from.

Is the expression ",y cup runneth over" signify satisfaction, or
does it symbolize a heart-felt sorrow that a better method of
living is not chosen by all ?




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Sent: Monday, October 01, 2001 2:39 PM
Subject: [bn-sd] Table?

In Psalms ,psalm 23 ,v:5
Thou preparest a TABLE before me
in the presence of mine enemies; thou anointest my head with oil;
my cup runneth over.
I was thinking more along the lines of the first Logo being the
table in
Any thoughts?


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