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RE: [bn-study] Re: Thoughts from NY; and a tangent

Sep 24, 2001 04:36 PM
by dalval14

Monday, September 24, 2001

Dear Christina:

I believe you will find Theosophy explains that the CONSCIOUSNESS
comes directly from ATMA -- the SPIRITUAL deathless and universal
principle, a "Ray" of which is in the center of our being and
gives us the power when we decide to use it to do anything.
Understand that when we think of SPIRIT we also think it entirely
pervades SPACE, whether manifested or non-manifested. It is the
uniform never ceasing background of everything. We appear to be
at a "pole" of isolated and selfish nature which makes us
consider we are different form, or even, opposed to the SPIRIT.
This is not so, for while our bodies are of matter (and are
constantly changing) our CONSCIOUSNESS (our sense of "I"-ness and
of SELF) is directly derived from that ONE SPIRIT. We are always
a part of it, and it is a part of us.

The reason, as I understand it, that we are all in the world is
so that we can, by using our Mind, and WILLING to be a spiritual
being rather than an emotional/physical one, we can control and
direct our emotions. The "emotions are subservient to the Mind
but they also form the bridge between thought and the brain which
we use to control and actuate our physical bodies. We all have
an intense tendency, when we say "I" with the brain-mind, to
think our physical bodies are IT. It is also very difficult to
say: "My feelings are not me, they are only a part of me, they
do not know everything, and they can be changed and improved."
We need to find out who the WHOLE HUMAN is.

As you observe, a mood such as melancholy sweeps over us. Our
mind is affected by a past event that has traumatized us
severely. It makes it difficult for us to think forward, or to
set aside the impression from a past that is IRREVERSIBLE.

One of the valued teachings of Theosophy is the idea that we are
all immortals, and regardless of the age, or the ease or violence
with which any one may find their life snuffed out, there is
always the reincarnating and deathless Spirit which will ever
return to life again (accompanied by those who were, and are,
near and dear to it). Better if all of us could consider this
an unbreakable LAW OF NATURE which applies equally and uniformly
to all.

The emotions, as such, can only be directed, They cannot be
"killed." They can be "controlled." I would say, they can be
looked at by the superior force (power) of the Mind, when the
Spiritual being we are at our basic foundation (Atma-Buddhi-Manas
= the HIGHER EGO) wills and decides it will do so. We all have
that power but we are unaccustomed to view ourselves or think in
that manner.

The real cause for this ignorance is that our early education
does not include the concept that WE ARE A DEATHLESS SPIRITUAL
BEING. 2nd, religious education gives very little basis for the
morals and ethics that are inculcates as "virtues." If religion
stated we were reincarnating spirits and that the purpose of our
living was: to master our complex psycho-physical nature, and,
attune it to the great laws of nature that are always cooperative
and never destructive with a due cause,

We are not given (except in Theosophy) a map, so to say, of the
average psycho-physical nature that is inhabited by the
God-Principle within it.

You might well ask also why it is that the Deific Principle ( A
"Ray" from the ONE SPIRIT) lowers its status so as to inform such
a lowly form as an atom, a molecule, a cell, or a human being.
It is because the total nature of Life and Love is to give
generously of any and all aspects of Law that can lead to
individual perfection.

What have we to perfect? We have our bodies (which pretty well
take care of themselves if not interfered with or over-burdened
by our ignorance concerning the ways of true health --
moderation.. Most physical bodies maintain themselves well, if
we don't indulge or stuff the with things that or Kama (desire
nature) 'likes."

Next we have our emotional nature -- an unknown territory to most
of us, because we do not realize that we are able to view it,
understand its nature, and with friendly intentions curb and
control it, and lead it into creative channels that lead to an
appreciation of the VIRTUES as actual and practical ways of
following Nature's laws. But once we have this clue it is
relatively easy to sit down and mentally review what we know of
the virtues and then trace their existence to communal ways of
life that emphasize brotherhood as a rigorous discipline which we
will follow regardless of what others may do or how they may
react to us.

The third aspect of examination and control is our Mind. Yes, it
is a powerful agent, but it a tool for use by the True Human
within, the INNER RULER.

What faculties does a Mind have and use? First it can be
logical, investigative, honest in reporting what it sees. It
separates its speculations from actual facts (Science is
supposed to do this.). Speculations and conjectures, when
identified, ought to be set aside for proving. For example as
you study Theosophy you will find that the Scientific theories of
Evolution based on the supposed changes and improvements in
physical forms -- as supported in their eyes by the gradation of
fossils -- is quite different from the Theosophical.

Theosophy views a three-fold evolutionary process whereby the
immortal "ray" of SPIRIT descends gradually into Matter and
illuminates it with its laws and wisdom, it assists primordial
and chaotic matter to gradually make physical forms in which
INTELLIGENCE progressively grows and manifests. It is the
Intelligence that helps Nature to create gradually the necessary
sensitivity in its forms that finally at its peak there is formed
a physical body in which the Mind can reside.

Human being therefore represent three evolutionary paths meeting
at a point: the Spiritual, the Material and the Mental (or a
free Intelligence which can decide by its own free choice to
mirror and to reflect all knowledge.)

We are the Family of Man. Each one of us is potentially a "God"
with divine wisdom, and we reside in perishable and very limited
bodies with very limited views of what we can do.

Now let us get busy and become wise and constructive, working
always with one-another.

Best wishes,



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Subject: Re: Who and What are We ? -- Thoughts from NY; and
a tangent


is it possible that i unconsciously block emotions, and wind up
more manas than kama?

Perhaps in growing up i developed a knack for not showing or
operating from
my emotional state during certain times. For instance, [i use
Tuesday's event] I was mostly shocked when i saw what happened in

A defense mechanism i never dismantled as a child?
Sweeping emotions just never swell...i have thought in the past
that maybe
there was something wrong with me, that i just don't feel as much
as others.

Karma is going to act no matter the circumstances, and so far i
have been
unable to experience the grief that is usually connected with
loss. As
you've stated, we do have other lifetimes in the relative future.

Perhaps this knowledge is what allows me to experience grief in
the mildest sense,
and that somehow, keeping my emotions in check is definitely a
blessing in
disguise. Now i just need to absorb more knowledge and become
prepared for the my next time around [!]

Thanks for the post. btw i have begun to read the Voice of the
Silence, and
i am in my second reading review of the KEY. The matrix is
sitting there,
waiting to have definitions added, but i will wait until after we
resume our
topic discussion [i hope it will be soon!]

Take Care,


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If you look at the seven principles of Man as given by
will see that we cannot get rid of the emotional principle

It seems the stage of the HUMAN - Mind ( Manas) is one in which
one recognizes the EMOTIONS as a part of the Personality and
these are CONTROLLED by the MIND and the INDIVIDUALITY.


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