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RE: [bn-study] Re: Thoughts from NY; and a tangent

Sep 22, 2001 05:58 AM
by dalval14

Dear C-------a:

If you look at the seven principles of Man as given by
will see that we cannot get rid of the emotional principle

It seems the stage of the HUMAN - Mind ( Manas) is one in which
one recognizes the EMOTIONS as a part of the Personality and
these are CONTROLLED by the MIND and the INDIVIDUALITY.

The Individuality is composed of

ATMA ( Spirit, Purity, a total, one-ness with all the Universe, a
"God-like" principle common to ALL)
Thus we say that all beings all humans have a share of the
GOD-PRINCIPLE in them. It makes the immortal at that level of
perfection that includes all beings without in any way
annihilating each "ray" or Individualization of the ONE UNIVERSAL

BUDDHI ( Wisdom) Or, that aspect of MATTER that is PRIMORDIAL
and never-changing. On may say that it is purified matter. It
has in one of its aspects the power and function of recording all
events relative to the INDIVIDUAL, as well as it has access to
all the events relative to any aspect of the Universe or any
entity in it. It is of course ruled by the impersonal and
universal LAW of KARMA. It will not nor can it invade any one's
privacy. In effect it forms the living and continuous record of
all our Individual experiences, good or bad. Idealism is its
predominant nature.

MANAS or MIND. All the powers grouped under thinking,
ratiocination, logic, memory, It forms the link between the
INDIVIDUALITY and the PERSONALITY. It is therefore dual and when
acting as that LINK it is the "Higher Mind" or BUDDHI-MANAS.

When it serves as the link between the PERSONALITY (and
therefore is the "pathway ") and the Individuality, it is called
KAMA-MANAS ( the lower mind). One may say that all humans work
when awake in ordinary life and living conditions using the Lower
Mind ( Kama-Manas).

It is for this reason that "emotion" (an aspect of KAMA or
desires and passions) is always our basis for functioning while
we use a body.

The evolution of the PERSONALITY is the subject for our
consideration in the human stage. There the two great factors of
evolution mix and mingle. The "descending" God, and the "rising"
Personality (with all its faults and foibles) mix together and
the Mind serves as the link.

The improvements that each one of us can make are therefore
always free-willed and self-generated. The MIND moved by WISDOM
(Buddhi) is impersonal, universal, and unselfishly generous. The
MIND when seized and moved by the DESIRE PRINCIPLE (Kama) is
personal, limited, grabbing, and can be most vicious. Its
tendency is to isolation and self-gratification.

The important point to recognize is that we can by an effort of
WILL detach ourselves from the influence of the DESIRE PRINCIPLE
( kama) and make ourselves impersonally able to survey it as a
detached entity, which is also a most vital part of ourselves.

We do not destroy the emotions or the desires, we learn to
channel them into avenues of VIRTUE, of universality and of
generosity to others. Thus we improve our "characters." All of
us are able to do this, but the hold of the personality over the
Mind can be so strong and so debasing, as to allow us to become
devilish in our desires and selfishness.

It is therefore said that the "Fight is in the Mind." Shall the
spiritual INDIVIDUAL prevail or will the selfish and cunning
devilish Personality survive. This fight is renewed every life
since we are immortals. The fight is also pursued until such time
as the Personal tendencies and elements are subdued and
transformed into the friends and servants of the SPIRITUAL

Two "lost chords" we have an opportunity to learn about and use
in this life-time are: IMMORTALITY of the INDIVIDUAL, and the
LAW OD KARMA which dictates harmony in all Nature and helps
invariably t restore GOOD to the world. At first we may take
this as theory. Then we ought to seek to find out if such
statements are true and factual. Each one has to do this for
themselves. No one is expected to take on "faith" statements
made by others. No "blind belief" is ever encouraged in this
process of self-instruction.

This freedom to chose to become a self-examiner is one that ought
to rivet the attention of all independent and constructive
THINKERS. It a sign of the WISDOM of the universe that every one
can individually access. It gives freedom, responsibility and
universality to the Mind of every one who uses it.

Take what I have written above: it is for consideration.

Now apply this to the tragedy in new York: The converging Karma
of so many people are brought to a focus. For some it is instant
obliteration of the PERSONALITY of this life, and their immediate
transition into the "after death states" (Red the KEY TO
THEOSOPHY (HPB) or the OCEAN OF THEOSOPHY on this subject if you
desire the details of Theosophical doctrines on this. But while
the tragedy widens to include family outside of this center of
suffering it carries an impact that only the LAW OF KARMA can
explain. If anything the tragedy focuses our minds of the
question: Are we immortals? What individual strand of our Karma
has brought us to participate or witness some aspect of this
focus. The world is affected as effectively as if a vast gong
had been struck.

Does the "comfort" and the "sharing of sorrow" lead to greater
understanding, or does it serve to merely deaden the personal
blow of those most intimately affected.

One thing is certain it has brought on a most heart-warming
sympathy from almost all of these who have been witnesses. No
how is this transformed into an understanding of it? How is this
transformed into some form of constructive action?

Let the vast and comforting spirit of universal brotherhood
spread over all those who truly desire to understand and assist.
For some this has been a revelation -- the opening of a path of
duty to help and assist as best they can in whatever way is
available to them.

Best wishes,



-----Original Message-----
From: CeeKaye
Sent: Friday, September 21, 2001 7:39 PM
Subject: Personality / INDIVIDUALITY -- Thoughts from NY; and a

Emotions? No thanks i'm trying to quit...

Aside from being quite removed from getting emotional, the only
i have at this point [if one can call it that] is in wanting so
much for
people to WAKE UP!!
No way around the religious fallacies and those celebrities like
the Pope or
Rev. we need to counteract these guys' ridiculous
notions with
some willfull theosophical thoughts. I "pray" [right
prayer--will prayer]
that others will be open - minded and receptive to the deeper
meanings here
expressed [from everyone studying Theosophy].

These folks MUST learn that humility, honesty, selflessness are
foundations of understanding the actions of man, and themselves.

And now, since i have begun my studies, faith now holds meaning
for me;
faith stands in true knowledge and understanding. [i understand
more than i
could ever express in words on a piece of paper.]

And now then...the reason i replied to the post...

When and how do i begin teaching my child about Theosophy?
Hopefully the
answer is simple for you [i doesn't seem that way to me]

The number of various religions in the world bothers me; i would
like to
know if anyone out there in BN list-land has had the opportunity
to impart
the ancient wisdom religious teachings to their children, and if
so, could
you please tell me how you did that? In America? How do you
instill values
of strength and confidence into a child when all around him/her
are American
children who think differently?



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