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RE: Theos-World Re: Secret Doctrine - Destroyed And Then Created Again?

Sep 24, 2001 04:35 PM
by dalval14

Monday, September 24, 2001

As I understand it the interplay at all levels of the Law of
Karma creates a continuous change that affects all. Beings
depending on their individual Karma. The continuous
"dissolution" and "Recreating" is not physical entirely (because
the physical follows the directions of the Astral), but occurs
mainly on the 7 planes of the Astral. -- where the actual lines
of force and foci are.

H P B was stating a fact that any good scientist today knows --
matter and the "atomic and molecular worlds as well as those of
the electro-magnetic forces at those minute levels are in
constant motion.

In Theosophy and Sanskrit the term "Nitya Pralaya" is used to
signify this

The explanations are given in THEOSOPHICAL GLOSSARY (HPB) p.
233, S D I 371

This does not relate to the MANVANTARIC PRALAYAS. But there is
an analogy.

Best wishes



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> > >:-) Hi - would like to ask a question. I've read most of
the Secret
> > >Doctrine - read some portions many times - seem to
> > >somewhere Blavatsky saying something like: "for the World
> > >destroyed and then created again hundreds(?) of times
> > >second" - anyone remember that? - anyone have any idea
what she
> > >might have meant by that? I think she just made that
> > >but didn't attempt to explain it.
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