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RE: Theos-World Re: a question on hurt

Sep 17, 2001 10:18 PM
by dalval14

Monday, September 17, 2001

Dear Friends:

Any hurt, pain, suffering, is felt most deeply in our emotional

But the mind transcends the feelings. It is the PERCEIVER, the
ANCIENT ONE, or THAT which has its root in the INFINITE and the
ABSOLUTE. It alone is the basis for our IMMORTALITY as
Consciousness, awareness, judgment and choice.

The Law of Nature exists to adjust all levels of free-willed
choosing. It treats all equally.

This may sound heard-hearted, but, in reality it is a statement
of mercy and infinite kindness. No one receives any faouritisms.

Any event we encounter be it ease or accident is the result of
our past doings and the motive we employed when doing them.

"E'en wasted smoke remains not traceless. A harsh word uttered
in past lives is not destroyed, but ever comes again. The pepper
plant will not give birth to roses, nor the sweet jasmines'
silver star to thorn or thistle turn. Make thou today they
chances for thy morrow. In the Great Journey, causes sown each
hour bear each their harvest of effects. For rigid Justice rules
the World. With mighty sweep of never erring action it brings to
mortals lives of weal or woe -- the Karmic progeny of all our
former thoughts and deeds. " VOICE OF THE SILENCE .

Best wishes,



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Subject: Theos-World Re: a question on hurt

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> Subject: a question...
> "If someone hurts me in some inconceivable way,
> May i regard that person as my greatest teacher"
> Do we think this is a theosophical view?

Thanks for this question, it is a relief after the
discussions on neo-nazi's etc.

I think a teacher knows when to encourage and when to give
what's sometimes called "negative feedback". If done with
love and insight, negative feedback can heal more than it
hurts. Personally I know that part of my job as a teacher
(of math) is to help kids find out where the boundaries of
their behavior are. I have to show them where they are
hurting themselves (in the long run) and others (often
short-term) and that it is simply not allowed. For me this
is one of the hardest aspects of the job. But part of the
job is knowing when to be encouraging and realizing that a
student is indeed trying, even though the result is still
not up to standard.

So, no I don't think it is always true that somebody who
hurts you is your greatest teacher. Though with awareness,
love, observation and insight most hurts can be turned into
learning. Otherwise they would not hurt so much.


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