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RE: SIKHS Thie origin and Duties.

Sep 17, 2001 10:19 PM
by dalval14

Monday, September 17, 2001

Dear Bruce:

I do not know if it is on the Net at all.

If you send me your address (snail mail) I will mail you a copy
of the Book. All the articles are well worth reading.

We did not want it and H.P.Blavatsky's articles to go totally out
of print. So we had it photo reprinted.

Also we have FIVE YEARS OF THEOSOPHY ( containing some of
H.P.Blavatsky's articles) similarly photo-reprinted.

Glad to help.


PS I am having trouble with my copier and the rest of the system
shows some instability. Or, I would try to copy it for you.


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I don't have A MODERN PANARION, p.. 179. Is it a long
passage to quote
on the list?
Or how can one get to that reference on the net?

Thanks, Bruce MacD

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