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RE: [bn-study] Re: Deceptions in the pursuit of Truth

Sep 02, 2001 04:52 PM
by dalval14

Dear Michael:

"Sat-nam" (as I understand it) is the concept of employing a
substitute name (mantram) for "God" or the deific principle as a
purificatory rite -- in other words "pure speech" But pure
speech starts (says theosophy) with pure intentions, pure
thoughts and the control of our personal emotional self.

"Sat" is a word implying Universal spiritual purity. "Nam" is a
word meaning "name." In other words to employ it we would have
to KNOW THE UNIVERSE and have the knowledge and power to fully
cooperate with it. In the VOICE OF THE SILENCE H.P.Blavatsky
repeats the ancient precept: "Help Nature, and work on with
her, and she will regard thee as one of her creators, and make
obeisance. Then will she show thee the means and the way...."

We will never know the true name of GREAT NATURE until we merge
ideally into and with her and have no shred of personal
selfishness left.

"The Great White Brotherhood" -- look at the description given
in ISIS UNVEILED Vol. II pp 98-103 ; and in The SECRET DOCTRINE
Vol. I, pp 207-210. As to work see the Numbered paras in SECRET
DOCTRINE I pp 272-3 and onward.

Shamballah is the name of a place (given here and there in our
literature) that will forever be secret to us until such time as
we embody the ideals that it represents -- or such is my belief.

In the meantime we all of us have work to do to serve those who
ask. We need not worry about our "progress" as that is taken
care of by great nature which is an honest debtor.

Best wishes,



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Subject: [bn-study] Re: Deceptions in the pursuit of Truth

Yes, I realized that I sent the wrong message about the dates
after I sent
it. What you say about Kabir etc is what I meant. Very interesing
raised abou the gital etc.

Some of these paths indicate also, that there several worlds
called the
spiritual worlds that start at teh level of what they call Sat
Nam ( beyond
the worlds of trikuti and sunni) and go from there.

There is also a view whereby the Great White Brotherhood is
focused on the
worlds of matter energy space and time and it's evolution into
love and
light and excellence & that there are other members of the
hierarchy that
there are other members of the hierarchy, that deal with there
worlds which are accessed through the shabda or sound current and
bringing sould their when they are ready to do so, etc. Sar
Bachan ( shiv
dayal) and path of the masters ( julian johnson) are two excelent
books if
anyone is interested. At some levels they are beleive to work
together. Som,
say that one place of cooperation is in Shamballa !


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Subject: [bn-study] Re: Deceptions in the pursuit of Truth

> Saturday, September 01, 2001
> Re: Systems and the search for Truth
> Dear Friend:
> Are we not then forced back on our own capacity to think these
> ideas through?
> QUESTION : What basis for thinking and reasoning ought we to
> apply? Or are there no available standards ?
> What shall we "stay focused" on ?
> As to words, sound, rhythms, voice, vibrations:
> I may be in error in that which I will say, (and please
> me)
> Let me observe that both Kabir, the great poet, and Guru Nanak
> have lived in the past millennium and not for "thousands of
> years." The teachings and sentiments they used have been
> around -- agreeably -- for thousands of years and they may have
> been two of the latest foci for them.. Excuse me for saying
> this, but it is only for the sake of accuracy, as the
> Encyclopedias show the age of their life and teachings..
> As to "Shabda-Yoga" as I understand it, this relates to the use
> of words and the vibrations that serve to convey great and
> powerful ideas.
> Mantras and the sacred verses of the Vedas, Upanishads, Brahma
> Sutras, etc... and the Aranyakas are included among these. But
> the SCIENCE of Mantra Yoga is not one that is disclosed until a
> most advanced stage of initiation.
> All great Teachers and Poets are "Shabda-Yogis." When
> Buddhi-Manas is manifest, then the power of the words used also
> manifests. And it is the innate power of the right use of
> that makes them valuable and induces meditation and thought
> about their meaning.
> In the S D I 362 the "atoms" are called "sound" in occultism.
> Monads are also called "life-atoms."
> S D I 554-5 gives us a survey of the power of sound and
> [Also S D I 93-5, 534-7, 564-5.]
> In its rhythms it is related to the senses and elements S D I
> 145-6, 307, 464, 514-17, 523fn,
> S D II 107 613, 622, 627-8,
> In Sanskrit speech and sound are called VACH. Shabda is a
> compound, usually, of several sounds. It calls the Universe
> of Chaos : S D I 137.
> The hidden power of mantras is evoked : S D I 354, 137,
> 431-2, it is "occult knowledge," and "Mulaprakriti" (root
> matter or BUDDHI the vehicle of ATMA) S D I 430, and, the
> "Universal Soul" [Mahat] S D I 352-3
> The BHAGAVAD GITA is an example of a "Shabda-Yogic" treatise
> which was "sung" by the Avatara Krishna to his devotee Arjuna
> (and we are all Arjunas, his pupils), at the beginning of this
> age named the Kali-Yuga (the age of spiritual darkness and of
> iron). This BHAGAVAD GITA is designed to reverberate till the
> end of that cycle 432,000 years hence.
> When the Great Buddha taught, the verses of the DHAMMAPADA
> all the Bhikkus at the first convention held a year after His
> death remembered) formed the "Shabda-upadhi" (or vehicle of the
> words) of what he taught. The "Sermon on the Mount" forms the
> mantramic exposition of what Jesus taught. But whoever may
> taught, it still remains the duty of the devotees, followers
> pupils of these wise Men to learn, think them out and adopt
> which (as Krishna says at the end) [p. 131] "This have I made
> known unto thee this knowledge which is a mystery more secret
> than secrecy itself; ponder it fully in thy mind, act as
> best unto thee."
> I hope this will be of help
> Best wishes,
> Dallas
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> Sometimes these burlons can possibly make someone so attached
> their
> preconceived notions about religious truth that the fail to
> understand the
> broader view. For example, Kabir, Nanak and subsequent Eastern
> teachers in
> the shabda yoga tradition are hardly "new age" and in fact have
> around for
> thousands of years. The studies of neuro-cognition are adding
> much to an
> understanding of religion, philosophy. Even Copernicus was
> considered a
> new-age thinker once !
> Anyway to stay focused is also a virtue !
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