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Is Theosophy a Received Truth?

Sep 02, 2001 08:01 PM
by David Blankenship

I have been a member of the Adyar theosophy group for two years now and I
don't believe it is. The dream of HPB and the Adyar group was that
theosophy was an ongoing process of discovery of the truth. HPB, Besant and
Leadbeater all said they could be wrong but it was the best they could do.
And that, they hoped those who followed would make corrections in their
works as new discoveries were made. This is my understanding of their
I emailed and questioned the interpretation in
the books I had read about Alantis and the other lost continents being true
as the consensus of science is, it is myth. He emailed me and said perhaps
HPB was wrong and he was giving a talk on that at next meeting he had. The
members newsletter put me in touch with the New Zealand theosophy society
groups newsletter of scientists, put out by Hugh Murdock. The last
newsletter was an attempt by them to sort out the age of man and plate
tectonics. It was to reconcile theosophy with science and present a unified
front. There is slow change at Adyar.

David Blankenship

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