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Mahatmas, Adepts, etc... Quotations

May 31, 2001 02:25 AM
by dalval14

Thursday, May 31, 2001

Dear Adelasie:

Here is one of the lists of quotations on this subject evoked by
the appellation: "Lords of Karma"

Hope it will help,


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M A H A T M A S, A D E P T S , I N I T I A T I O N



"A visitor from one of the other planets of the solar system who
might learn the term Mahatma after arriving here would certainly
suppose that the etymology of the word undoubtedly inspired the
believers in Mahatmas with the devotion, fearlessness, hope, and
energy which such an ideal should arouse in those who have the
welfare of the human race at heart...The whole sweep, meaning,
and possibility of evolution are contained in the word Mahatma.
Maha is "great," Atma is "soul," and both compounded into one
mean those great souls who have triumphed before us not because
they are made of different stuff and are of some strange family,
but just because they are of the human race.

Reincarnation, karma, the sevenfold division, retribution,
reward, struggle, failure, success, illumination, power, and a
vast embracing love for man, all these lie in that single word.

The soul emerges from the unknown, begins to work in and with
matter, is reborn again and again, makes karma, develops the 6
vehicles for itself, meets retribution for sin and punishment for
mistake, grows strong by suffering, succeeds in bursting through
the gloom, is enlightened by true illumination, grasps power,
retains charity, expands with love for orphaned humanity, and
thenceforth helps all others who remain in darkness until all may
be raised up to the place with the "Father in Heaven" who is the
Higher Self."	WQJ -- ART. II, p. 39-40

Spiritual Star of the Soul

"...every class of adept has its own bond of spiritual bringing oneself within the influence of the
Spiritual light which radiates from one's own Logos. ... such
communion is only possible between persons whose souls derive
their life and sustenance from the same divine RAY, and that, as
seven distinct rays radiate from the 'Central Spiritual Sun,' all
adepts and Dhyan Chohans are divisible into seven classes, each
of which is guided, controlled, and overshadowed by one of the
seven forms or manifestations of the divine Wisdom."
S Row quoted by HPB, SD I 574.

One Source: 7 Aspects - Primary Rays

"The divine, purely Adi-Buddhic monad manifests as the universal
Buddhi (the Mahabuddhi or Mahat ...) the spiritual omniscient and
omnipotent root of divine intelligence, the highest anima mundi
or the Logos. This descends "like a flame spreading from the
eternal Fire, immovable...ever the same to the end" of the cycle
of existence, and becomes universal life on the Mundane Plane.
>From this Plane (the logoi of Life); then the Dhyani-Buddhas of
contemplation; the concrete forms of their formless Fathers --
the Seven Sons of Light, still themselves, ... "Thou art
'THAT' -- Brahm." It is from these Dhyani-Buddhas that emanate
their chhayas (Shadows) the Bodhisattvas, and of the terrestrial
Buddhas, and finally of men. The "Seven Sons of Light" are also
called "Stars."

"The star under which a human Entity is born, says the Occult
teaching, will remain for ever its star, throughout the whole
cycle of its incarnations in one Manvantara. But this is not his
astrological star. The latter is concerned and connected with
the personality, the former with the INDIVIDUALITY. The "Angel"
of that Star, or the Dhyani-Buddha will be either the guiding or
simply the presiding "Angel," so to say, in every new rebirth of
the monad, which is part of its own essence. though his vehicle,
man, may remain for ever ignorant of this fact. The adepts have
each their Dhyani-Buddha, their elder "twin Soul," and they know
it, calling it "Father-Soul," and "Father-Fire." ... The Logos,
or both the unmanifested and the manifested WORD, is called by
the Hindus, Iswara...the highest consciousness in nature..
There are seven chief groups of such Dhyan Chohans, which groups
will be found and recognized in every religion, for they are the
primeval SEVEN Rays. divided into seven distinct
groups and their sub-divisions, mental, spiritual, and physical *
[ Fn.:-- Hence the 7 chief planets, the spheres of the indwelling
7 spirits, under each of which is born one of the human groups
which is guided and influenced thereby. There are only 7 planets
(specially connected with earth), and 12 houses, but the possible
combinations of their aspects are countless. ... as infinite as
the spiritual, psychic, mental, and physical capacities in the
numberless varieties of the genus homo, each of born
under on of the 7 planets and one of the said countless planetary
combinations. See Theosophist for August l886]"	S. D. VOL. I,
P. 572-3

Attuning One's Consciousness to the Seven Chords

"... Whenever you are able to attune your consciousness to any
of the seven chords of 'Universal Consciousness,' those chords
that run along the sounding-board of Kosmos, vibrating from one
Eternity to another; when you have studied thoroughly 'the music
of the Spheres," then only will you become quite free to share
your knowledge with those with whom it is safe to do so. ... Do
not give out the great Truths that are the inheritance of the
future Races, to our present generation. Do not attempt to
unveil the secret of being and non-being to those unable to see
the hidden meaning of Apollo's HEPTACHORD--the lyre of the
radiant god, in each of the seven strings of which dwelleth the
Spirit, Soul and Astral body of the Kosmos, whose shell only has
now fallen into the hands of Modern Science..."	S D I 167

Mathematical Value of the Person

"...each person has a distinct mathematical value expressed by
one number. This is a compound or resultant of numberless
smaller ones."	WQJ ARTICLES, Vol. 1, p. 423

Spiritual Star of the Soul

"...every class of adept has its own bond of spiritual bringing oneself within the influence of the
Spiritual light which radiates from one's own Logos. ... such
communion is only possible between persons whose souls derive
their life and sustenance from the same divine RAY, and that, as
seven distinct rays radiate from the 'Central Spiritual Sun,' all
adepts and Dhyan Chohans are divisible into seven classes, each
of which is guided, controlled, and overshadowed by one of the
seven forms or manifestations of the divine Wisdom."
S Row quoted by HPB, SD I 574.

Adept Initiation

"The degrees of an Adept's initiation mark the seven stages at
which he discovers the secret of the sevenfold principles in
nature and man and awakens his dormant powers."	M.L. 99

Adept Lives to Serve the World

"[The Adept]...serves humanity and identifies himself with the
whole world; he is ready to make vicarious sacrifice for it at
any moment--by living not by dying for it. Why should he not die
for it? Because he is part of the whole, and one of the most
valuable parts of it. Because he lives under laws of order which
he does not desire to break. His life is not his own, but that
of the forces which work behind him. He is the flower of
humanity, the bloom which contains the divine seed. He is, in
his own person, a treasure of the universal nature. which is
guarded and made safe in order that the fruition shall be
perfected. It is only at definite periods of the world's history
that he is allowed to go among the herd of men as their

Seclusion of the Adept

"Through all time the wise men have lived apart from the mass.
That the chief body of these wise ones should be understood to
dwell beyond the fastnesses of the Himalayas...p. 70 ] And even
when some temporary purpose or object induces one of them to come
into the midst of human life, his seclusion and safety is
preserved as completely as ever... they are only known as mystics
by those who have the power to recognize; the power given by the
conquering of self. Otherwise how could they exist, even for an
hour, in such a mental and psychic atmosphere as is created by
the confusion and disorder of a city ? Unless protected and made
safe their own growth would be interfered with, their work
injured. And the neophyte may meet an adept in the flesh, may
live in the same house with him, and yet be unable to recognize
him, and unable to make his own voice heard by him... No voice
penetrates to his inner hearing till it has become a divine
voice, a voice which gives no utterance to the cries of self...
Until a man has become, in heart and spirit a disciple, he has no
existence for those who are teachers of disciples. And he
becomes this by one method only--the surrender of his personal
humanity." L ON P p. 74-5

"If, for generations we have "shut out the world from the
Knowledge of our Knowledge," it is on account of its absolute
unfitness; and if, notwithstanding proofs given, it still
refuses yielding to evidence, then will we at the End of this
cycle retire into solitude and our kingdom of silence once
more...We have offered to exhume the primeval strata of man's
being, his basic nature, and lay bare the wonderful complications
or his inner Self...and demonstrate it scientifically...It is our
mission to plunge and bring the pearls of Truth to the
surface...For countless generations hath the adept builded a
fane of imperishable rocks, a giant's Tower of Infinite Thought,
wherein the Titan dwelt, and will yet, if need be, dwell alone,
emerging from it but at the end of every cycle, to invite the
elect of mankind to co-operate with him and help in his turn
enlighten superstitious man. And we will go on in that
periodical work of ours; we will not allow ourselves to be
baffled in our philanthropic attempts until that day when the
foundations of a new continent of thought are so firmly built
that no amount of opposition and ignorant malice guided by the
Brethren of the Shadow will be found to prevail."	M L p. 50-1

Transition Cycle

"We are the bottom of a cycle and evidently in a transitory
state, Plato divides the intellectual progress of the universe
during every cycle into fertile and barren periods...We are in a
barren period the eighteenth century during which the malignant
fever of skepticism broke out so irrepressibly, has entailed
unbelief as an hereditary disease upon the nineteenth. The
divine intellect is veiled in man; his animal brain alone
philosophizes."	ISIS I 247
[WQJ I 211, LET 71-2, OCEAN 4, 50 55, 126, IS II 366-9]

"...I told you long ago to expect many and great disturbances of
all kinds as one cycle was closing and the other beginning its
fateful activities. You already see in the seismological
phenomena of late occurrence some of the proof; you will see a
great many more and shortly..."	M L 396

Harmony of the Adept - Chela

" adept may be compared to that one key which contains all
the keys in the great harmony of nature. He has the synthesis of
all keys in his thoughts, whereas the ordinary man has the same
key as a basis, but only acts and thinks on one or a few changes
of this great key, producing in his brain only a few chords out
of the whole great possible harmony...the brain of the chela is
attuned by training to the brain of the Master. His vibrations
synchronize with those of the the chela's brain is
abnormal...(425) ...the adept sees all the colors in every color
and yet does not confuse them together...the highest adepts
have raised their vibrations so as to have them the same as
those of nature as a whole ]...He can produce a sound which will
alter a color. It is the sound which produces the color, and not
the other or opposite. By correlating the vibrations of a sound
in the proper way a new color is made...on the astral plane every
sound always produces a color...these are invisible because not
yet correlated by the human brain so as to become visible on the
earth plane....His astral senses may see the true color, but the
physical eye has its own vibrations, and these, being on the
outer plane, overcome the others for the time, and the astral man
is compelled to report to the brain that it saw correctly. For
in each case the outer stimulus is sent to the inner man, who
then is forced, as it were, to accept the message and to confirm
it for the time so far as it goes. But there are cases where the
inner man is able to even then overcome the outer defect and to
make the brain see the difference...."	WQJ ARTICLES, Vol. I, p.

Daily and Hourly Initiations -- Tests of Daily Life

"It is supposed by some that initiation is always and in every
case a set and solemn occasion for which the candidate is
prepared and notified in advance. While there are some
initiations surrounded by such solemnities as these, the daily
one, without success in which no aspirant will ever have the
chance to try for those that are higher, comes to the disciple
with almost each moment. It is met in our relations with our
fellows, and in the effects upon us of all the circumstances of
life. And if we fail in these, we never get to the point where
greater ones are offered. If we cannot bear momentary defeat, or
if a chance word that strikes our self-love finds us unprepared,
or if we give way to the desire to harshly judge others, or if we
remain in ignorance of some of our most apparent faults, we do
not build up that knowledge and strength imperatively demanded
from whoever is to be master of nature."	WQJ ART II 497-8

Moments of Choice

"It is in the life of every one to have a moment of choice, but
that moment is not set for any particular day. It is the sum
total of all days; and it may be put off until the day of death,
and then it is beyond our power, for the choice has been fixed by
all the acts and thoughts of the lifetime. We are self-doomed at
that hour to just the sort of life, body, environment, and
tendencies which will best carry out our karma. This is a thing
solemn enough, and one that makes the "daily initiation" of the
very greatest importance to each earnest student."
WQJ ART II 497-8

Universe of Consciousness -- Range of the Initiate

"That High Spirits work on Earth in bodies of men, while those
spirits are still in the highest spheres [ see SD I 233-4 &fn,
235fn ] is clearly explained that the author [HPB] does not
mean that which is called among the spiritualists "control" of
mediums by a spirit, but the actual continuance of the status and
functions of the incarnated spirit in the supersensuous regions,
while actually using as its own and working in a mortal envelope
on earth. So that, according to her, there are certain persons
on this earth, living and working as ordinary human beings and
members of society. whose informing divine part is so
immeasurably high in development that they as such high beings
have a definite status and function in the "supersensuous

We should say...that she herself was such a case, and that
"H.P.B.," whether hourly in the day and night when all around was
still, had a status and functions" in their spheres where she
consciously carried on the work of that high station, whatever it

There were many events in her daily life known to those who were
intimate with her that this hint may reveal, or at least shed
much light upon. And in one of her letters the sentence
appears--in substance--"The difference between you and me is that
you are not conscious except at day, while I am conscious day and
night, and have much to do and to endure in both of these
existences from which you, being thus half-conscious, are happily

In the Hindu books and teachings there is a reference to this
when the speak of high gnanees--that is, persons full of
knowledge and spiritual power--being attracted to this earth by
certain acts and at certain times in the history of nation, race
or city."	"Hidden Hints in the S. D."
WQJ Art I 615-6

"If it is true that "the whole universe is an aggregate of states
of consciousness," it would seem to follow that the real
difference between one who is an initiate and one who is not lies
in the fact that the former looks at all things from a totally
different stand point to the majority of men...that he is on a
higher plane of consciousness altogether. If such a higher plane
has been attained, it will follow that his whole range of ideas
will differ from that of others and he will be sensible of the
operation of causes of a more far-reaching character than those
cognized by others. He will be as it were in the possession of
higher and superior information and so will be able to form
juster conclusions and this fact alone will give him enormous
power."	T A & N 60

"The action of the entire universe is but a detailed
manifestation and example of the action of mind on matter,
governed at the highest point by the action of the universal
mind. Between the finite human mind of the ordinary uninitiated
individual and this universal mind lie an infinite number of
gradually ascending degrees, and the higher the plane of
consciousness the nearer is the approach to the universal mind
which is, as it were, the mainspring of the whole." --"Alpha"
THEOS ART & NOTES, p. 60-1


"Occult philosophy reconciles the absurdity of postulating in the
manifested Universe an active Mind without an organ, with that
worse absurdity, an objective Universe evolved as everything else
in it, by blind chance, by giving to this Universe an organ of
thought, a "brain." The latter, although not objective to our
senses, is nonetheless existing; it is to be found in the Entity
called Kosmos (Adam Kadmon, in the Kabala)."

"As in the Microcosm, Man, so in the Macrocosm, of the Universe.
Every "organ" in it is a sentient entity, and every particle of
matter or substance, from the physical molecule up to the
spiritual atom, is a cell, a nerve center, which communicates."
T A & N 208


"This is precisely what occult philosophy claims: our Ego is a
ray of the Universal Mind, individualized for the space of a
cosmic life-cycle, during which space of time it gets experience
in almost numberless reincarnations or rebirths, after which it
returns to its Parent-Source.

"The Occultist would call the "Higher Ego" the immortal Entity,
whose shadow and reflection is the human Manas, the mind, limited
by its physical senses. The two may be well compared to the
Master-artist and the pupil-musician.

"In the course of natural evolution our "brain-mind" will be
replaced by a finer organism, and helped by the 6th and the 7th

"The "sensing principle" in us is an entity capable of acting
outside as inside its material body; and it is certainly
independent of any organ in particular, in its actions, although
during its incarnation it manifests itself through its physical
organs.	T A & N 208-9


"Our "memory" is but a general agent, and its "tablets," with
their indelible impressions, but a figure of speech; the
"brain-tablets" serve only as a upadhi or a vahan (basis or
vehicle) for reflecting at a given moment the memory of one or
another thing. The records of past events, of even minutest
action, and of passing thoughts, in fact, are really impressed on
the imperishable waves of the ASTRAL LIGHT, around us and
everywhere, not in the brain alone; and these mental pictures,
images, and sounds, pass from these waves via the consciousness
of the personal Ego or Mind (the lower Manas) whose grosser
essence is astral, into the "cerebral reflectors," so to say, or
our brain, whence they are delivered by the psychic to the
sensuous consciousness. This at every moment of the day, and
even during sleep."
HPB Footnote in LUCIFER THEOS ART & NOTES, p. 208-9


"..."Mind" is manas, or rather its lower reflection, which
whenever it disconnects itself, for the time being, with kama,
becomes the guide of the highest mental faculties, and is the
organ of the free-will in physical man...." HPB
ARTICLES, Vol. II, p. 13

"Mankind usually receives a thousand impressions through the
senses to one through the spiritual nature. Adeptship means
reversing the proportion." -- H. S. Olcott	PATH 3, 109

About H.P.B.

W.Q.JUDGE:	"In 1875, in the City of New York, I first met H.P.B.
in this life...It was her eye that attracted me, the eye of one
whom I must have known in lives long passed away. She looked at
me in recognition at that first hour, and never since has that
look changed...Not as a questioner of philosophies did I come
before her...but as one, wandering many periods through the
corridors of life, was seeking the friends who could show where
the designs for the work had been hidden. And true to the call
she responded, revealing the plans once again, and speaking no
words to explain, simply pointed then out and went on with the
task. It was as if but the evening before we had parted, leaving
yet to be done some detail of a task taken up with one common
end; it was teacher and pupil, elder brother and younger, both
bent on the one single end, but she with the power and the
knowledge that belong but to lions and sages.

Others I know have looked with suspicion on an appearance they
could not fathom, and though it is true they adduce many proofs
which hugged to the breast, would damn sages and gods, yet it is
only through blindness they failed to see the lion's glance, the
diamond heart of H.P.B...she was laying down the lines of force
all over the land...

The explanation has been offered by some too anxious friends that
the earlier phenomena were mistakes in judgment, attempted to be
rectified in later years by confining their area and limiting
their number, but...I shall hold to her own explanation made in
advance and never changed. That I have given above. For it is
easier to take refuge behind a charge of bad judgment than to
understand the strange and powerful laws which control in matters
such as these.

Amid all the turmoil of her life, above all the din produced by
those who charged her with deceit and fraud and others who
defended, while month after month, and year after year, witnessed
men and women entering the theosophical movement only to leave it
soon with malignant phrases for H.P.B., there stands a fact we
all might consider--devotion absolute to her Master. "It was
He," she writes, "who told me to devote myself to this, and I
will never disobey and never turn back."...

.she ever was devoted to Theosophy and the Society organized to
carry out a programme embracing the world in its scope. Willing
in the service of the cause to offer up hope, money, reputation,
life itself, provided the Society might be saved from every hurt,
whether small or great. And thus bound body and soul to this
entity called the T. S., bound to protect it at all hazards, and
in the face of every loss, she often incurred the resentment of
many who became her friends but would not always care for the
infant organization as she had sworn to do. And when they acted
as it opposed to the Society, her instant opposition seemed to
them to nullify professions of friendship. Thus she had but few
friends, for it required a keen insight, untinged with personal
feeling, to see even a small part of the real H.P.Blavatsky...

She worked under directors who, operating from behind the scene,
knew that the T. S. was, and was to be, the nucleus from which
help might be spread to all the people of the day, without thanks
and without acknowledgment...I asked her what was the chance of
drawing people into the Society...she said:--"When you consider
those days in 1875 and after, in which you could not find any
people interested in your thoughts, and now look at the
wide-spreading influence of theosophical ideas--however
labeled--it is not so bad. We are not working that people may
call themselves Theosophists, but that the doctrines we cherish
may affect and leaven the whole mind of this century. This alone
can be accomplished by a small earnest band of workers, who work
for no human reward, no earthly recognition, but who, supported
and sustained by a belief in that Universal Brotherhood of which
our Masters are a part, work steadily, faithfully, in
understanding and putting forth for consideration the doctrines
of life and duty that have come down to us from immemorial time.
Falter not so long as a few devoted ones will work to keep the
nucleus existing. You were not directed to found and realise a
Universal Brotherhood, but to form the nucleus for one; for it
is only when the nucleus it formed that the accumulations can
begin that will end in future years, however far, in the
formation of that body which we have in view."

H.P.B. had a lion heart, and on the work traced out for her she
had a lion's grasp, let us...sustain ourselves in carrying out
the designs laid down on the trestle-board, by the memory of her
devotion and the consciousness that behind her task stood, and
still remain, those Elder Brothers who, above the clatter and the
din of our battle, ever see the end and direct the forces
distributed in array for the salvation of "that great
orphan--Humanity."	W. Q. Judge
Yours till Death and After, H.P.B..." Judge Articles, II p. 1

" 1875 she told me that she was then embarking on a work
that would draw upon her unmerited slander, implacable malice,
uninterrupted misunderstanding, constant work, and no worldly
reward. Yet in the face of this her lion heart carried her
on...Much has been said of her "phenomena," some denying them,
others alleging trick and device. Knowing her for so many years
so well, and having seen at her hands in private the production
of more and more varied phenomena that it has been the good
fortune of all others of her friends put together to seem I know
for myself that she had control of hidden powerful laws of nature
not known to our science, and I also know that she never boasted
of her powers, never advertised their possession, never publicly
advised anyone to attempt their acquirement, but always turned
the eyes of those who could understand her to a life of altruism
based on a knowledge of true philosophy.

If the world thinks that her days were spent in deluding her
followers by pretended phenomena, it is solely because her
injudicious friends, against her expressed wish, gave out
wonderful stories of her "miracles" which can not be proved to a
skeptical public and which are not the aim of the Society nor
were ever more than mere incidents in the life of H.P.Blavatsky.

Her aim was to elevate the race. Her method was to deal with the
mind of the century as she found it, by trying to lead it on step
by step; to seek out and educate a few who, appreciating the
majesty of the Secret Science and devoted to "the great orphan
Humanity," could carry on her work with zeal and wisdom; to found
a Society whose efforts--however small itself might be--would
inject into the thought of the day the ideas, the doctrines, the
nomenclature of the Wisdom Religion, so that when the next
century shall have seen its 75th years the new messenger coming
again into the world would find the Society still at work, the
ideas sown broadcast, the nomenclature ready to give expression
and body to the immutable truth, and thus to make easy the task
which for her since 1875 was so difficult and so encompassed with
obstacles in the very paucity of the language--obstacles harder
than all else to work against."	W. Q. Judge
"H.P.B.--A Lion-hearted Colleague Passes" WQJ Articles II p. 5

"This article is meant for members of the T.S...Those members who
believe that such beings as the Masters may exist must come to
one of two conclusions in regard to H.P.B.: either that she
invented her Masters, who therefore have no real existence, or
that she did not invent them but spoke in the names and by the
orders of such beings.

If we say she invented the Mahatmas, then, of course, as so often
was said by her, all that she has taught and written is the
product of her own brain, from which we would be bound to
conclude that her position on the roll of great and powerful
persons must be higher than people have been willing to place

But I take it most of us believe in the truth of her statement
that she had those teachers whom she called Masters and that they
are more powerful beings than ordinary men.

The case I wish to deal this: H.P.B. and her relations
to the Masters and to us; her books and teachings; the general
question of disciples and chelas...Chelas and disciples are of
many grades, and some of the Adepts are themselves the chelas of
higher Adepts...[they are those who have] devoted himself or
herself to the service of mankind and the pursuit of knowledge of
the Self...[Some] have gained through knowledge and discipline
those powers over mind, matter, space, and time which to us are
the glittering prizes of the future...So much being laid down, we
may next ask how we are to look at H.P.B. [ We may assume that
She was working from ] .every one has the right to place her if
he pleases for the highest plane...But taking her own sayings,
she was a chela or disciple of the Masters, and therefore stood
in relation to them as one who might be chided or corrected or
reproved. She called them her Masters, and asseverated a
devotion to their behests and a respect and confidence in and for
their utterances which the chelas has always for one who is high
enough to be his Master.

But looking at her powers exhibited to the world, and as to which
one of her Masters wrote that they had puzzled and astonished the
brightest minds of the age, we see that compared with ourselves
she was an Adept...

They .Subba Row [said to the writer] in 1884: "The Mahatmas are
in fact some of the great Rishis and Sages of the past, and
people have been too much in the habit of lowering them to the
petty standard of this age." But with this reverence for her
teachers she had for them at the same time a love and friendship
not often found on earth. All this indicates her chelaship to
Them, but in no way lowers her to us or warrants us in deciding
that we are right in a hurried or modern judgment of her.

Now some Theosophist ask if there are other letters extant from
her Masters in which she is called to account, is called their
chela, and is chided now and then, besides those published.
Perhaps yes. And what of it ? Let them be published by all
means, and let us have the full and complete record of all
letters sent during her life; those put forward as dated after
her death will count for naught...since the Masters do not
indulge in any criticisms on the disciples who have gone from
earth. As she has herself published letters and parts of letters
from the Masters to her in which she is called a chela and is
chided, it certainly matte if we know of others of the same sort.

For over against all such we have common sense, and also the
declarations of her Masters that she was the sole instrument
possible for the work to be done, that They sent her to do it,
and that They approved in general all she did. And she was the
first direct channel to and from the Lodge, and the only one to
date through which came the objective presence of the Adepts. We
cannot ignore the messenger, take the message, and laugh at or
give scorn to the one who brought it to us. There is nothing new
in the idea that letters are still unpublished wherein the
Masters put her below them, and there is no cause for any
apprehension. But it certainly is true that not a single such
letter has anything in it putting her below us; she must ever
remain the greatest of the chelas...

There only remains...the position taken by some and without a
knowledge of the rules governing these matters, that chelas
sometimes write messages claimed to be from the Masters when they
are not. this is an artificial position not supportable by law
or rule. It is due to ignorance of what is and is not chelaship,
and also to confusion between grades in discipleship. It has
been used as to H.P.B. The false conclusion has first been made
that an accepted chela of high grade may become accustomed to
dictation by the Master and then may fall into the false pretense
of giving something from himself and pretending it is from the
Master. It is impossible. The bond in her case was not of such
a character to be dealt with thus. One instance of it would
destroy the possibility of any more communication from the
teacher. It may be quite true that probationers now and then
have imagined themselves as ordered to say so and so, but that is
not the case of an accepted and high chela who is irrevocably
pledged...This idea, then, ought to be abandoned; it is absurd,
contrary to law, to rule, and to what must be the case when such
relations are established as existed between H.P.B. and her
W. Q. Judge, "Masters, Adepts, Teachers and Disciples"	WQJ
Art. II p. 9

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