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"MAGIC": a 3-part series

May 30, 2001 04:55 AM
by Compiler

Presented in the Light of Theosophy, this series about "Magic", a
skillful collation taken from the alphabetized index page of almost 300
Collated articles, which is just one of many series and groupings of
articles found on the "Additional" articles Index page of the web site, is a very informative overview which should
prove to be very helpful to everyone:

MAGIC (Part 1):

MAGIC (Part 2):

MAGIC (Part 3):

John DeSantis

You may find a great deal of the Truth that you are searching for here:

Wisdom World web site (Main Page):

The Index page of the Introductory Book on the web site:

The page where "Additional" articles are steadily being added:


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