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Re: Effort and Evolution

May 21, 2001 05:28 AM
by Peter Merriott


You initially stated that according to the Secret Doctrine:

> No work is necessary. You don't have to learn
> or do anything except to keep reincarnating for a few
> billion years and then you will be perfect.

You seemed to object when it was pointed out to you this is not what the
Secret Doctrine states. However in order to show that the Secret Doctrine
agrees with you, you have had to modify, if not contradict in part, your own
statement above. Here are a few examples from your replies here and on
theos 1. You wrote:

> I feel sure that both Arcs [down and up] require effort,
> and just that much effort is given to us by Kundalini.

> We do learn, and we do DO things. But the effort
> expended, for the most part, is natural and normal,
> and need not be excessive at all.

> Its all part of the natural Kundalini impulse
> shared by the whole life-wave.

> The "work" that is needed is only that which
> is naturally afforded through Kundalini.

I can see you have changed your initial view to bring it closer to The
Secret Doctrine. But where do you find support therein for your notion
that it is Kundalini which supplies all the effort for the downward and
upward arcs of evolution?


How do you think your 'minimal effort' world view fits in with the Mahatma
KH's view that:

"... in the latter half [of the 4th Round 4th Race] that the Spiritual Ego
will *begin* its real struggle with the body and mind to manifest its
transcendental powers. Who will help mankind in the forthcoming struggle?
Who? Happy the man who helps a helping hand? . . . . The same relative
development, and the same struggle continues [in the fifth round]."
(Mahatma Letter No. 14, signed KH)"

Here the Mahatma is talking about a spiritual struggle, he calls it a "real
struggle", which begins in the latter half of the 4th Round 4th Race and
which continues throughout all of the 4th and 5th Rounds. He doesn't seem
to share your minimalist view on effort, does he?


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