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Fairy Tales?

May 19, 2001 05:40 AM
by DNisk98114

If there is anyone who would care to take a look at the story of
Rumplestiltskin and give it a theosophical perspective , i would be glad to
hear from them OFF list at my E-mail address.
Rumplestilstskin   - the story-  can be found by almost any search engine on
the net.
If I hear from enough people  I will try and offer them up in the form of a
web site or a posting of some sort along with the story itself.
Thank's and blessings.
(i will not be editing those and they will be posted as is)
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   Date: Fri, 18 May 2001 05:26:36 -0700
Subject: RE: Taking a look at Evil....

Friday, May 18, 2001

Dear friends:

Regardless of the “dress-up” that evil assumes to disguise itself as “good”
the basic fact that enables us to discriminate between these “pairs of
Opposites”  is that

GOOD  --  is an obedience to the universal and constructive ASPECT OF Nature
’s Laws -- those Laws demand that the rights and privileges of the least of
creatures be respected and especially so my the :mighty,” and the “strong.”

The smallest speck of being -- call it a “life-unit” isan imperishable, an
ETERNAL  MONAD.  The Monad consists of an indissoluble bond between SPIRIT
and MATTER.  ( Or to be precise, it is a “ray” of the ONE UNIVERSAL SPIRIT
bonded to a “speck” of PRIMORDIAL (and Eternal SUBSTANCE)  -- or MATTER.

The simplest and least argumentative way to describe the difference between
GOOD and EVIL is to say that

1.  GOOD is always constructive, universal, impartial, and serves the whole
of nature.  It is always constructive and has always the potentialof seeing
the “future” of any of its PROPOSED choices.
The “Good” always unites selflessly with all others.

2.  EVIL  is always selfish, isolationist, careless of the needs and rights
of others, capricious, and argumentative.  It destroys.  And is incapable of
seeing the future of its choices.  The “Evil” always is divisive and plots
to elevate its own singularity as opposed to universality.

The Mind of Man is as IMMORTAL as SPIRIT and PRIMORDIAL MATTER in each
Monad, at whatever level or stage of evolution it may be in.  It is always
at the balance point of Perception.

On one hand it perceives the GOOD and the UNIVERSAL BENEFIT of individual
choice and improvement.  On the other hand it perceives only the benefits
that will se itself -- and it is careless of any harm it might offer to

I hope this might be of help.



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Sent: Thursday, May 17, 2001 8:52 AM
Subject: Theos-World Taking a look at Evil....

Abstract thought is said to be "the power of thinking of a thing
apart from its qualities"; but these qualities are the
phenomenal, the evident, and they make the most impression upon
our senses. They bewilder us, and they form a part of that trap
which Nature sets for us lest we discover her inmost secret and
rule her. More than this: our detention as individual components
of a race provides time for that and other races to go through
evolutionary experience slowly, provides long and repeated
chances for every soul to amend, to return, to round the curve of
evolution. In this Nature is most merciful, and even in the
darkness of the eighth sphere to which souls of spiritual
wickedness descend, her impulses provide opportunities of return
if a single responsive energy is left in the self-condemned soul.
An analogy of a children's story below to make an illustration of the above
as these "stories" seem most natural to us as a people and yet we don'tseem
to be able to utilize them past a certain age and remain , perhaps , only as
"cute" or  as "quaint" stories left over from some previous time yet ,
somehow innately recognized by us as souls to be "good" enough to be told to
our children over and over again.

Most of our Fairy Tales , it seems  to us , appear to revolve around the
above most revealing paragraph (as given by Jasper Neimand) as to the Nature
of the Real Duty to be pursued by us.
As an example , the story of Rumplestiltskin , and the Queen(  depending on
which version one is familiar with}  has to go through an EXACT naming
process in order to free her child (i.e. child , in a theosophical sense ,
may imply , our True nature) and the implication of PRECISION as havinga
major role to play in the LIFE or DEATH of the Soul.) and the so-called
naming process representing , perhaps , each of our incarnations until , at
last and finally , the "Name" (last incarnation?)is found.
And this last representing the real maturity of Soul? where theory and
practice come together in a joyous bond that transcends all and embraces all
and are embraced by it and released at the same time.

(i.e. Queen  being , one could surmise , representative of one's "Queenly or
in an equal sense ,  Kingly faculty ,[atma-buddhi , perhaps?] (sattva
or guna)the REAL determinator of the "puzzle" provided by the
characterization Rumplestiltskin (i.e. MAYA?) wherein a timeless struggle is
set in motion [Dual Truth?] without a CORRECT determination would lead to
utter tragedy yet redeemable over time through an increased progressionof
increased resolution of the incorruptible Potentiality garnered by bitter
and\sad  past experiences  would lead  yet again to that  Same situation
under cyclic and karmic LAW and , who's to say that that particular "Queen"
or even "King" would emerge triumphant and abolish all attachment to MAYA
,correctly perceived , thereby truly making the re union with REALITY and
dis-union with illusion a very real success and therein ALL dwelt TRULY
happy ever after.
(see the end of the Voice of the Silence for this pronouncement)

So many other "Tales" seem to have a direct bearing on these Ancient Truths.
that , no doubt , one can begin to "SEE" vistas of meaning not apparenton
the surface in these "old" but ever new  "children's" stories.

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