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RE: Fairy Tales

May 19, 2001 07:38 AM
by DNisk98114

A good place to start       search      fairy

Many of the key words are marked with numbers which place one at the bottom
of the page which give in many cases BLANK references  because for that site  
the word TALENT , for instance , is a word very easily handled by Theosophy
but left blank on that site because of a lack of reference to reincarnation
as a for instance , although some of the other posted meanings have made
references  to greed and the like there is a paucity of understanding of
deeper , fundamental issues thereby  becoming as a site limited in scope. in
our view.

I hope that any and all theosophists will bend a key in this direction so as
to give a "complete" view of this story , and if successful we might be able
to go on to other stories and view them also in the "light" of Theosophy.
Once again , please send all related posts OFF LIST   to this address

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