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RE: [bn-sd] Re: Can we ever perceive Reality?

May 12, 2001 05:21 PM
by dalval14

Saturday, May 12, 2001

Dear Friends:

How can a word (embracing an idea or ideas) exist unless the
human mind is capable of grasping the concept involved.

Granted there may be many interpretations -- but the sense of
illimitable vastness -- as a background behind "Space," or
"Universe," or "the Absolute," provides this sense. It is quite
difficult for our brain-mind (made up of so many limits) to
encompass the UNLIMITED.

But the fact that our true SPIRITUAL MINDS are one with the
ILLIMITABLE and the ABSOLUTE provides us with a base however
nebulous of that transcendent meaning, does it non?

Best wishes,



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Can we ever "perceive" Reality? Good question.

The finite can not 'contain'/'comprehend' the Infinite. It is
"Being and Becomming". Cyclic spiral. Boundless. Infinite.
Unconditioned. " . . . it transcends the power of human
conception . . .
beyond the range and reach of thought." (SD, I, 14).

Reality = Sat/"Be-ness".


Grasping the idea presented in SD intellectually
avails us little if it is not realized in practical
acts of life.

A clear perception of the unity of the One Life
operating in the manifested Cosmos and the affinity of
our real nature with it should naturally guide our
acts, thoughts, and feelings to synchronize with its
manifestation and enable us to endure with right
attitude whatever crosses we have to face in our daily
lives and thus to rise above them.

Our true nature is perfection and we instinctively
look for it-in outer condition, in other people, in
organizations. We become resentful when these
inevitably fall short of our expectations. The entire
world of illusion that we have to work through is set
up by our own selves and has to be taken as a
challenge to perfect our will and understanding.


--- Kamaria Finch <> wrote:
> I understand many of the philosophies placed before
> me in my heart and mind,
> yet when it deals with a practical nature, there
> isn't much help guiding me
> through. How do we have reality in the face of a
> mate, or a boss, or the
> entire outer world living in confusion and not
> trying to see past the
> illusion? Theoretical contexts and goals are
> imnportant, but how do we live
> it day to day? When someone lies on you and
> seriously impedes your life?
> These are the questions I need to know. How do we
> face reality? And how do
> we work through a entier world of illusion? Not
> necessarily in a quote or a
> book(I've been reading those for over a decade) but
> actually living. In
> specific contexts.
> Kamaria

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