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Re: more censorship of theosophical publications

May 12, 2001 06:53 PM
by ramadoss

While this problem needs to be addressed, one possible quick solution is to develop a network of interested people who have access to Internet and also are willing and able to print and mail hard copies. Not only this will speed up distribution but also avoid the kind of problems mentioned.


At 04:37 PM 5/12/01 -0700, you wrote:
There are more problems with THE HIGH COUNTRY THEOSOPHIST, edited
by Dick Slusser. I have received two more messages that indicate
that its overseas copies are not being delivered.

It's bad that delivery of the magazine is getting held up. It's
worse that there has been no notice sent to its editor that this
has been done. (Here's another situation where the Internet is a
positive force, since it supports the free flow of information
worldwide; things like this would be difficult, if not impossible,
on the Internet.)

Although we can do good work to present the positive and useful
aspects of Theosophy, there will always be people with other views
whom chose for reasons of their own to oppose it. Honest oppostion
through debate and dialog is useful to all. Dishonest opposition,
like what seems to be happening here, should be condemned.

-- Eldon

> Date: Fri, 11 May 2001 04:34:18 -0600
> From: Dick Slusser
> To: (subscriber in England)
> I am quite certain by now that the April hct is being held up by
> British authorities, so I yesterday sent an additional copy to
> you via air mail. So far, we have no indication that our air
> mail is being tampered with. My expectation is that the May hct
> and all subsequent issues will be intercepted until an
> investigation is made into the matter and an official protest is
> made.
> At this time, surface mail delivery of the April hct has been
> intercepted for the following subscribers (there may be more):

Two subscribers in England, one in Wales, another in Germany
are listed here.


> From: Ernest Pelletier
> Date: Sat, 12 May 2001 16:36:56 -0600
> From: (subscriber in Canada)
> Neither the April nor May issues have arrived here in Edmonton,
> Canada.
> I am greatly concerned regarding the seeming problems developing
> in Colorado and in England.
> As you know the FBI did a thorough investigation of Theosophy
> years ago. They did not find any subversive activity by
> theosophists or Theosophy against the government as far as I am
> aware. The investigation was instigated as the result of the
> assassination of Robert F. Kennedy. Sirhan E. Sirhan, the
> accused killer of Kennedy, had come in contact with theosophy
> through his German-American employers who were associated with
> the Pasadena group.
> Apparently upon being jailed he had asked for some occult reading
> material which included some of Mme. Blavatsky's writings. It
> was this so-called connection which created a great flurry
> amongst the various government and other agencies.
> The John Birch Society, CBS and NBC television networks, Time
> magazine and Newsweek all became involved as well. It was
> alleged that Mme. Blavatsky had written a "Manual for
> Revolutionaries" and that she had been an apt instructor in
> political murder. The existing manual of that name was
> researched and found in the New York Library and the Library of
> the University of California at Berkeley and written by two
> Russian anarchists, Nechayev and Bakunin, who both died
> respectively in 1883 and 1876.
> By the time corrections could be aired on national television
> Martin Luther King's assassination was included as part of the
> all inclusive plot. The damage to Mme. Blavatsky's reputation
> and to the Theosophical movement in general had been done.
> We can all see how false innuendoes and allegations can quickly
> spawn fear which breeds hatred into ignorant minds. In future,
> in our magazine, FOHAT, we will publish more details about this
> important incident.
> Here in Canada our mail is opened by Canada Post
> indiscriminately. At one time the post office was operated by
> the government. Some years ago the government decided to
> privatize these agencies. Even the federal taxation department
> underwent a similar process. Now it is run by "Canada Customs
> and Revenue Agency". The names are disguised to give the
> impression that they are operating directly under government
> control, much the same as the Federal Reserve in the United
> States.
> Now we have private companies with indiscriminate powers which
> can open up any mail (and then charge us an additional $5.00 fee
> for opening it in addition to the Goods and Services Tax (GST)
> [surtax] which applies if any cash value is involved). National
> security is given as the reason for this further erosion of our
> freedoms here and in the US as well.
> I hope things don't get too serious. We don't need this kind of bad
> publicity in Canada.

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