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Update of the German mailing list

May 12, 2001 06:51 AM
by Frank Reitemeyer

Hi Fellow students world-wide,
with the change of eGroups to Yahoo the first German mailing list Theosphie-Dialog has now been updated to the new features, too.
The new URL with English menu is, the German menu is at 
You are invitedto join the group and discuss with us.
Emails to the groups should addressed to
We are slowly growingthe more the older ones get experienced with computer technology. I think end of theyear we will be at 150 members, now we are 104.
Many of the members say openly that they never dreamed of such possibilities to share information, news, lessons and to have discussions about the Ancient Wisdom in such an easy and comfortable way. Some say they have learned more from the mailing liststhen years before in an organisation. World-wide Wisdom.
Light and Peace

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