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RE: [bn-sd] Impersonality and Personality

May 08, 2001 06:27 PM
by dalval14

Tuesday, May 08, 2001

Dear Odin:

Thank you. I believe this is a fine reply.

Does not H.P.B. also deal with this in the KEY TO THEOSOPHY ?

I seem to recall she used INDIVIDUALITY for the part of Man that
included the Spiritual SELF (ATMA-BUDDHI-MANAS).

The word PERSONALITY was used by Her to indicate the perishable
mortal congeries of principles that make up the vehicle we all
live and think in every hour of the waking day.


[ see INDIVIDUALITY in H.P.B.'s KEY pp. 134-7, 141-2, 153, 162,
176, 219, 121,.]

[ see PERSONALITY in H.P.B.'s KEY pp. 32-4, 93, 134-7, 153,
108, 130-1, 147-8. 176, 184-5, 188-9, 209.]

As to the "theoretical" or "metaphysical" vs. the practical --
every statement made by H.P.B., the Masters, Mr. Judge, and Mr.
Crosbie will be found to have the same metaphysical basis. Why
should any student accept a lovely phrased statement if they
cannot verify it on sound fundamental PRINCIPLES ? Why should
anyone accept any statement which cannot be proved, at least by
sound logic.

It is the principles and laws that make Theosophy so important.
In other systems handed down to us they may be implicit, but are
not always clearly expressed any more. In Theosophy we receive a
chance to get at the "why" and the "wherefore." In other words,
in Theosophy we are treated as MANASIC BEINGS able to reason, and
think logically about fundamental IDEAS and their applications.
The subject of MOTIVE is advanced, and its application is shown
logically to be the practice of Universal Brotherhood.

Emotionally and Intuitively we may admire a statement, but we are
essentially mind-beings and our minds are being "stretched" in
Theosophy. We are getting to learn about the orderliness of the
entire Universe. There is no escape from the LAW OF KARMA. And,
the consequences of that which we choose. We are all free-willed
beings. That is a hard teaching, and seems to be unforgiving;
but it is the one deterrent to vice and selfish, vicious
practices. In a Universe of justice and mercy we end up always
paying our debts. No "escape." The "churches" acquire their
following by violating this concept and offering to absolve the
"sinner." No one seems to say or do anything abut the VICTIMS.
Is that fair ?

Best wishes,



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Subject: [bn-sd] Impersonality

On Sun, 6 May 2001 14:43:56 -0700, wrote:

Jerome asked:

1. What do we mean when we say emotional nature? and
2. Does "true" impersonality breed a type of warmth far more
satisfying and
"enduring" than that found among the brightnesses of the
3. If we answer #2 with a YES, then we enter the problem of:
What is "true


The above questions reminded us of Robert Crosbie, (founder of
The United
Lodge of Theosophists), and his sage, practical answers to these
(Friendly Philosopher, p.127). We would also recommend reading
W.Q. Judge's
"Notes on the Bhagavad-Gita", pgs. 75-76. Our discussions tend to
get so
metaphysical, these are offered as temporary heartburn relief:

"The question of personality is so large that it might seem as
thought its
successful solution should resemble the working out of a
mathematical problem. But the greatest truths are the simplest.
And if we
reflect a moment on what impersonality is not, perhaps that will
help us to
see what it is.

Some orate forcibly against personality. That des not prove they
are free
from it.

Some say little, but the effect of what is said is to imply that
they are
impersonal. They seem so modest, but are only politic.

Some are afraid to talk about personality, thinking that it must
be shunned
as an ogre.

Yet others preach a doctrine of impersonality which takes
everything human
out of life and mkes of it a cold negation. This doctrine has no
with evolution-all fault must disappear at a single stroke.

Impersonality isn't talking; it isn't silence; it isn't
insinuation; it
isn't repulsion; it isn't negation. Above all, it isn't a
diplomacy which
masks ambition.

Impersonality means freedom from personality, but none of us are
going to
attain that, right away; we are doing well enough If we are
albeit slowly, overcoming.

For practical purposes: if we are developing the child-heart; if
we are
learning to love things beautiful; if we are becoming more honest
and pain
and simple; if we are beginning to sense the sweet side of life;
if we are
getting to like our friends better and extending the circle; if
we feel
ourselves expanding in sympathy; if we love to work for Theosophy
and do not
ask position as reward; if we re not bothering too much abut
whether we are
personal or impersonal-this is traveling on the path of


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