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Re: Personal Responsiblity

May 09, 2001 04:01 AM
by AnandaYoga

Dear jhe,
      I had read your response and I must say that I agree up to a point.  
No philosophy or religion is 100 percent correct.  We are not at the stage in
evolution to expect it to be.  Leaders of religions, sciences, and
philosohphies, often seem to fall prey to power.  One day we can hope that
the lesons they are learning will help them and us to advance.  
      The individuals who make up the body of the TS however, should not
have to be judged along the same lines.  As you say it is an individual thing
at this point.  Each has his own intent. The fact that Dallas trys to make
clear some of the points so that individuals have hopefully a clearer
understanding of his version of the truth is what we are all about isn't it?  
I for one applaude his effort.  
      Individually we read what he says, just like we all read the books and
then we form our own little version of the truth and try to bring it in to
reality a little at a time.  All the little particles then make a wave.  Hope
I haven't stepped on toes, but I just felt compelled to say these things.
peace and love to all of you and yours.

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