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Diving in to DAL and Jerry.....

May 08, 2001 11:29 AM
by DNisk98114

JERRY: No, you won't find evolutionary development of
anywhere in Buddhism. To the contrary, Buddha taught that there
is no self,
let alone self-consciousness.
He taught that these are dualistic terms that are transcended in
non-duality. BTW, forms are "made" in the Great Outer Abyss, the
third plane
downward in HPB's 7-planes model. There they are called shistas.
Forgive me for "butting in but...."
Unless I am mistaken  he taught , The Gautama Buddha , nothing but
progressive  cyclic development through his giving his own "background" of
550 or so lifetimes  devoted to the Cause ie: NO-SELF or NOT-SELF , if you
A DIVINE pilgramage to say the least , but CYCLIC and KARMIC and DEIFIC in
its development. wherein he was in that IMMACULATE position of giving the
DUAL TRUTH in all its GLORY and MAJESTY to those who could not fathom REAL
development ,  in other words , those who are and were enwrapped in the short
term view of attainment and enlightenment  were in desparate need of
understanding the Law of karmic causation and cyclic return.
DEITY and NO-SELF are identical , in this students mind.

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