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Re: abc

May 08, 2001 03:27 AM
by leonmaurer

Hi Dave,

Thank for your interest in the fundamental ideas underlying my scientific 
theories of consciousness and mind, and I appreciate your desire for further 
knowledge of a similar sort that may be of practical use for your inner 
growth and enlightenment.

ABC theory was derived from the fundamental and basic teachings of theosophy. 
All of its root concepts are in the <A 
HREF="";>Secret Doctrine</A>, 
written by H. P. Blavatsky in 1888. In its two volumes, she gives out most 
of the occult esoteric knowledge of scientific, philosophical and spiritual 
truths known to the Ancient teachers of Mankind, and thoroughly explains the 
entire process of cosmogenesis as well as anthropogenesis -- in addition to 
explaining why and how our eternal higher Self radiates from and relates to 
the universal and impersonal spiritual source and power (the "One Life") 
permeating and supporting all beings in the universe -- from the mineral, 
vegetable, animal, and human kingdoms, up to what we might call, "Angels" 
(spiritual guides), and "Gods" (or transcendent powers of nature)... With the 
only true "God" itself being that which is beyond all finite human 
conception, since infinite in it aspects and potentialities, but having no 
personal, conscious or phenomenal existence as such -- while constituting the 
endless and beginningless abstract, omniscient, omnipotent, and omnipresent, 
and thus, divine, source of all that is, was or ever will be. You will also 
learn, in the Proem of the SD, the three fundamental truths or principles 
that underly all teachings of theosophy -- sometimes called, "The Wisdom 

This book was the first exposition of all the fundamental wisdom and 
knowledge that underlies the "New Age Movement" today. However, in essence, 
all of this so called "new stuff" is based on the ancient "Theosophical 
Movement" -- originally designed to bring all of mankind toward a fuller 
understanding of not only their inherent nature, but also to a mutual 
recognition of the essentiality of eventually becoming a "Universal 
Brotherhood of Humanity" in spirit and practice... By realizing that such 
"unity in diversity" is a fundamental law of Nature. This original Movement, 
started by the Neo-Platonists around the 3rd century in Greece, has made 
inroads in every century since that time, and was expressed in modern times 
by the ("Rights of Man") teachers of the Masonic Founding Fathers of the USA 
in the 17th-18th centuries, and by Blavatsky and her associated adept 
teachers and students in the 19th-20th centuries. (The 
tranformation/completion stage of this last teaching, the practical action 
phase of which started in the last quarter of the past century, is yet to 
come in this present century.) In addition, the scientific conceptions 
outlined in the SD regarding space, time, consciousness and matter presages 
all the modern theories of physics from Einstein to Bohm -- and beyond -- up 
to and including the post modern Superstring/membrane theories coupled with 
new holographic universal field theories that link together relativity, 
quantum physics, and classical physics. 

ABC, although approaching from a less materialistic point of view, is the 
synthesis of all these scientific breakthroughs... By proposing a 
fundamentally interactive and holistic sub-quantum, quantum, and material 
field theory that links consciousness, mind, and matter with the three 
fundamental principles... And, by explaining, simply, how our inner world of s
ubjective awareness connects and interrelates holographically with the outer 
objective world that we can only consciously experience indirectly through 
our transcendent senses and mind, linked through our material brain and its 
electromagnetic field as the transducer of sensory images -- and which also 
acts as a CPU to control the inner and outer actions of the physical body and 
its internal organs and cells, guided by their inner, instinctive wisdom, 
and/or our willful intent. 

As yet, current science, while understanding the fundamental unity of (but 
little of the "life" and consciousness in) all things, and supporting 
prodigious gains in modern high technology progress -- due to its 
materialistic bias -- does not fully understand, nor can it satisfactorily 
explain these connections. Since, all they (academic and professional 
scientists) can observe and measure objectively is the "neural correlates" 
and the physical actions of consciousness, neither can it explain the nature 
and source of consciousness and its varied states, experiences or "qualias" 
or "feels" of subjective awareness, nor the linkages between brain and mind, 
nor the differences and similarities in their fundamental holographic 
coenergetic structures. 

For a study of this ancient (and modern) teaching which synthesizes science, 
religion and philosophy, I suggest you go to <A 
HREF="";></A> and sign up for their 
correspondence course, as well as one or both of the e-mail study forums they 
sponsor (bn-basic and bn-sd). Questions are always welcome. And most of the 
theosophical books are available for purchase at near cost, plus links to 
copies that can be freely read online. There are also many articles by both 
Blavatsky and Judge that address specific topics of esoteric knowledge, 
including yoga practices, transcendental experiences, psychic phenomena, etc. 
Another excellent source is <A HREF="";></A> -- where many hundred of searchable tutorial articles 
on esoteric science and philosophy compiled from over 85 years of Theosophy 
Magazine are indexed and archived for online reading or downloading. 

Should you wish to start this study at the beginning, I suggest you first 
read the Key to Theosophy by H. P. Blavatsky, followed by the Epitome of 
Theosophy as well as the Ocean of Theosophy (a condensation of the main 
teachings in the SD) by William Q. Judge. Afterward, in studying the SD, I 
suggest you follow the guidelines recommended by <A 

.html">HPB-On How to Study the Secret Doctrine</A>

All the above (with the help of certain raja yoga practice books such as The 
Voice of the Silence by HPB and Patanjali's Yoga Aphorisms by WQJ, will give 
you a solid groundwork for further investigation, understanding, and control 
of the psychic powers (such as you experienced) capable of being awakened in 
anyone with proper motivation, and a full awareness of the dangers as well as 
of the active means of control when necessary to use them wisely and 

I wish you much success in your search for esoteric knowledge and wisdom, as 
well as finding your way toward a fuller "realization of the Self." 

Happy hunting.

Leon Maurer
<A HREF="";>ABC Home Page

In a message dated 05/06/01 11:58:48 PM, MooseSk8r2 writes:

>If you can find time, could you please send some sort of reference to which
>I can study theories such as abc? I would like to have infomation like
>this and know how I can apply and use it in my life. I've been trying
>to study things of this sort for a while now, and recently had a lucid
>dream in which I was at some point 'out', it was devastating and the feelings
>were unexplainable, but my point is I know that there is more than meets
>the eye, a small amount of it I can see myself, I want to learn how to
>open those possiblites that I can feel lying right before me. It was 
>to try to explain this but any information would help, I don't have nearly
>enough. Do you have answers, or sources to answers?

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