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Re: Theos-World RE: [bn-basic] role of "Unity"?

Jan 29, 2001 07:43 PM
by John Stankiewicz

If I may please add to this discussion?

I am a new member and hope to learn much from all of you.. wrote:

Dallas wrote:

In reality the SELF-CONSCIOUSNESS is a "ray,"
CONSCIOUSNESS. These are not "permutations"
as I see it, but rather the memories of the ONE
CONSCIOUSNESS that we are, and which has
been moving through those same vast periods of
time as the unchangeable and immortal UNITY.
This gives us our sense of "I".  We are that
UNITY.  And since we have the same qualities that
others have (WHICH WE ALL SHARE) we are
able to communicate.  Although I will agree with
you that words sometimes make our thoughts

May I propose and entirely (somewhat) different concept?

The sense of "I" is an illusion.  Just like the closing of the fist creates an illusion of a centre withing the fist.

Once opened (the fist), one is ALL, or one is ONE, never having separated.

Unfortunately, even in this moment, the activity of separation is going on.  The result is that you feel you are an "I", somehow separated from the All or the One.  And is just a subtle activity that causes this sensation and causes the apparent "you" to seek Unity with God or the Divine, always presuming that you are separate.  And that activity is the act of separation, of difference, of the feeling of separation, which in fact has never happened.  And which re-inforces the illusion.  The dream.

Out of all that is "created" the apparent Universe.  You and an "other", and then "fear" appears.  As it is said in the Upanishads.  The moment there is another fear arises.  And the "I", as well as the ego, or the ego-"I".  Which is not an entity, but a process. A process of separation and seperativeness.  That is the apparent "I". It is only that Attention, being the root of Mind, associates Itself with a momentary perturbation of Consciousness Itself.  And then the whole of "creation" is viewed from the viewpoint of the "I".  And whence all dilemma appear.  And all the Gods, and so on.   A nd all that disappear.

Is this not so?


I wonder if that "UNITY" has pluralistic memories,
Dallas, or is there a memory of a Unifying principle,
or a "concept" of some kind, rather than (plural)
memories of Unity-derived content?

        DTB     ONE CONSCIOUSNESS implies ONE SET OF MEMORIES concerning its
EXPERIENCES in various environments, planes, levels, etc...
Without that unity there could be no continuity.

Or did you  mean "unity" as a concept: possibly in
the sense that such a Unity is beyond our notions
aside from its apparent (?) role as an
interconnecting principle of some kind?
        DTB     Our notions are usually guesses.  What is their basis?  How
does that basis fit into the concept of WHOLENESS and
RESPONSIVENESS ?  Take the "I" as a basis -- and all concepts and
events around or within us (as sense perceptions and mental
images)  either radiates from our "I:" (towards an anticipated
future), or is directed to "
The fact is that we are speaking of aspects or qualities of
perception and action by the UNIT  --  CONSCIOUSNESS is one of
those.  MEMORY is a part of Consciousness.  If we center our
thoughts on the records, memories and actions past or present in
anyone plane we are able to contact and exercise control over IT"
for attention, analysis and response or simply memory storage.

As I tend to interpret your explanation, I'm
wondering if that "UNITY"  aspect consists of,
(among other things, possibly, such as Atma-Buddhi
and the acquired Manas), a memory, in some sense,
that as  consciousness evolves, Manas eventually
begins to, in some sense, tap into that memory,
leading to an increased interest in Evolutionary
subjects, (Wisdom Religion, Gupta Vidya,
Theosophy,) on various levels of perception.


        DTB     Look at what H.P.B. says concerning MANAS in the KEY TO
THEOSOPHY which you read (and forgot aspects of it, it has to be
studied, and learned so one knows -- with the Index -- where to
find answers)  MANAS is 3 - fold  The LOWER MANAS has to actively
aspire for the wisdom and VIRTUES of the HIGHER MANAS (or
BUDDHI-MANAS)  [Virtues are thoughts and acts that are brotherly,
generous, useful and harmonious with the great LAWS of Nature
One could say that by giving away Theosophical ideas and ideals,
one acquires an ever-growing find of them for practical use.
If I insist on returning again and again to "fundamentals" it is
because one cannot understand QUADRATIC EQUATIONS and CALCULUS,
or calculate ORBITS of INTERSECTION,  without a sound basic
knowledge of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.
Those cannot be modified unless one insists on constructing his
own version of chaos.  "Everybody was out of step but Johnny."
In my esteem you cannot go far wrong with the concepts of
Theosophy because one of its basic approaches is to confer with
others on the propositions it offers.  Are they right or wrong?
And you are always entirely FREE to find out for yourself.  But
if you desire to  wander here and there and are unsure of what
Theosophy has to offer, then indeed you waste time, and so do I.
Best wishes,




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