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Jan 27, 2001 05:15 PM
by dalval14

January 27, 2001

Dear Mauri:

Again one cannot materialize anything concerning the ABSOLUTE --
necessity -- THAT from which ALL emanates
Our MONAD is so to say a "ray" of the ABSOLUTE. Since the
ABSOLUTE IS and CONTAINS ALL - the "ray" is always WITHIN as well
as EMANATED (but not "sent") . The monad does NOTHING. It
cannot act.

Let me insert some notes below in your comments, to try and make
myself and Theosophy better understood.



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Dallas wrote:

In reality the SELF-CONSCIOUSNESS is a "ray,"
CONSCIOUSNESS. These are not "permutations"
as I see it, but rather the memories of the ONE
CONSCIOUSNESS that we are, and which has
been moving through those same vast periods of
time as the unchangeable and immortal UNITY.
This gives us our sense of "I". We are that
UNITY. And since we have the same qualities that
others have (WHICH WE ALL SHARE) we are
able to communicate. Although I will agree with
you that words sometimes make our thoughts

If I understand you correctly, Dallas, you would
seem to be saying, in essence (?):

1. the "one absolute consciousness" sends out a "ray"
of itself.

DTB The definition "ABSOLUTE" eliminates any limited
fragmentation. Perhaps "one" makes it seem limited, but then,
there is no "other." In any case, in Theosophical philosophy, IT
does not "send," it emanates, or radiates. Being totally
non-material the ABSOLUTE sends nothing. IT IS. WE ARE IN IT.
WE ARE PLUNGED IN IT and IT pervades us ads it does ALL SPACE.

2. that "ray" has a "memory" of the "absolute."

DTB The "ray" (Monad) has in its highest aspect
(matter) AKAS or the UNIVERSAL, INEFFACEABLE record of all IT and
all other Monads have done up to date -- that record is shared
with all other MONADS -- so KARMA has clear lines to follow at
all times.

3. that "memory" of the "one absolute
consciousness" is the basis or seed of
"self-consciousness," or the "I" sense, by means of
a "Unifying" aspect that Fundamentally "identifies"
that "I" with "one absolute consciousness."

DTB "MEMORY OF THE ONE ABSOLUTE : does not define the
ABSOLUTE. Memory is an attribute of choice, change, action on
any plane -- but it is inherent in the Physical side of the
MONAD -- AKAS is also called MAHA-BUDDHI (universal Wisdom), as
well as MULA-PRAKRITI (Root-Matter).
The Lower Manas ("I") is the arising intelligence of the lower
aspects of Matter (that have coalesced around the Monad) and
their gradual coalescence over aeons of time creates the
self-Entity we are so enmeshed in -- our Personality. Such an
entity is as you and I are -- with the power to think as a unit,
and to feel as a unit. Therefore, we "feel" very intensely, as
side by side the power of INSTINCT has also individualized.
Attracted to the Mind they come together and you have LOWER
MANAS -- the desire-mind. H.P.B. explains this in the KEY --
which you say you have read. If you use the INDEX and re-read
those passages that relate to Lower Manas or Kama-Manas -- you
will get the picture.


4. that unifying aspect is expressed as
Atma-Buddhi, or Monad.


DTB If you refer to the passages I have offered
earlier in KEY and S.D. you will be able to understand that there
are two main levels of accretion, or of growing knowledge and
WISDOM. The superior wisdom is that which is shared universally
by all MONADS (including ours on the highest level).
The PERSONAL learning, knowledge and ultimately, wisdom, resides
in the Lower (KAMA) Manas. Its tendency is to reticence, pride,
secrecy and selfishness -- because it does not realize that it is
rooted in IMMORTALITY -- the immortality of its "parent MONAD."
And this immortality cannot be obliterated. That is what makes
it responsible as a "brother" to all other monads of whatever
degree of individual or personal attainment. But this concept
which is INTUITIONAL is one that has to be re-learned every
incarnation until it becomes automatic to its living.
Together, BUDDHI-MANAS and KAMA-MANAS make a pair that are in
conflict with each other, instead of being in harmony. As I see
it, the BUDDHI-MANAS is a record of the operation of our self in
cooperation with Nature's LAWS. The Kama-Manas (Lower-Manas) is
the result of the exercise of freedom of the WILL in choosing to
oppose the great LAWS OF NATURE. Without making us slaves, the
LAW OF KARMA insists on our acting in a cooperative way with all
other beings (monads) in nature.-- that is the practice of
virtue, always.
Or to say it slightly differently: One is the Buddhi-Manas aspect
of the MONAD. The other is Kama-Manas of our Personality. They
are united says the KEY by the thread of MIND / MANAS called
Sutratma, the "thread-soul." The BUDDHI MANAS is the SPIRITUAL
MIND, so to say. The KAMA-MANAS is the ANIMAL (selfish and
ignorant) MIND, so to say. The LOWER MIND (Kama-Manas, Animal
type consciousness) is the Pupil at school and subject to the
Karma that arises from his choices. [ Look deeply within your
own self and see if this is not true. ] Because of this unity,
the fight for immediate control of the decision making faculty in
us is continuous, and the dark forces of selfishness, pride,
isolation (vices) constantly vie with the "spiritual" forces of
Wisdom, generosity, co-dependence, (virtues). The distinction
between vice and virtue is simply 'SHARING." It also implies a
sound knowledge of the LAWS OF NATURE (Karma) and as a practical
attitude: to share what we know with others, and to give them
the steps whereby we have learned where and what PERMANENT VALUES

5. the Monad subsequently acquires Manas (mind,
self-consciousness), and becomes


DTB Latent MIND is drawn forward and "Lit up." It is
symbolized in the Myth of Prometheus. It always is drawn from
the SPIRITUAL (Buddhic) aspect of the MONAD. It evokes a
corresponding response from the "Brain-mind" (LOWER MANAS)
developed in the PERSONALITY as the highest aspect of INSTINCT.
Each incarnation the "brain-mind" provided by the skandhas
(Monads of lesser experience and imprinted with the Karma of our
choices in earlier incarnations) is different, and is
reconstituted by the returning Ego-Monad -- hence the exact
memory in most of us as to our Names and actions "then" is lost.
A few remember.


6. that Atma-Buddhi, by means of its Manas (or
mind), subsequently begins to "remember" (in
various, complex ways) more and more of its Unity


the Lower Manas (Kama-Manas) which has to purify itself so as to
rise to the level of the Monadic memory. Thinking of the past,
there are probably memories of our past lives' doings which we
would not like to remember. Perhaps Mother Nature in her wisdom
has created a barrier to memory between our lives so that we may
concentrate our choices on the present rather than a past which
we cannot change. (This is a surmise of mine).

7. the Unity is completed.


DTB FUNDAMENTAL UNITY is always there as the
ABSOLUTE BACKGROUND. The emanation of MONADS at any Manvantaric
period is KARMA always in motion -- to provide all aspects of

Best wishes,



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