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Re: Theos-World Explanations and Truth

Jan 27, 2001 01:08 PM
by Stanley Zurawski

  Stanley Zurawski <> wrote:

I like your response very much, I have read Patanli Yoga. I would suggest you read it and follow the regarding Yopa

  Compiler <> wrote:

I thought that forwarding this posting, from the bn-basic discussion
group over on Blavatsky Net, might be useful to present to the readers
over here on theos-talk:

(John DeSantis)

> ATTACHMENT part 2 message/rfc822 Date: Mon, 15 Jan 2001 20:32:04 -0500
From: Compiler
Subject: Re: [bn-basic] Explanations and Truth


The article in this link may be somewhat useful to you and others, based on a lot of what you said in your message:

(John DeSantis)

Jim Rodak wrote:

> Greetings Good and Noble Spirits ~
> When I awoke this a.m., one word kept coursing through my mind:
> "explanations."  The more I thought about what I had been reading on this
> and other theosophical websites re: reincarnation, karma, etc., the more I
> concluded that what I was actually reading were none other than someone's
> "explanations" as to who and what a being - particularly a human being -
> is  and what "its" place is in the scheme of existence.  What, in essence, is
> seemingly being promulgated and fostered in theosophy, as well as other
> religious and spiritual  "systems" - i.e., Christian, Hindu, Buddhist,
> etc.  - are none other than the conceptualized ideas of its proponents.  Can
> we really and truly say that any one system is THE truth?  I believe that
> we can rationally conclude that certain "explanations" have more of a "ring
> of truth" than others, and accord with what we "believe" to be a reasonable
> and plausible explanation of whatever concept(s) we take under consideration.  But I > would also strongly recommend maintaining a skeptical mindset all the while in >one's ruminations.
> When I hear or read such statements that, "HPB" or "The Masters" or "Alice
> Bailey" or whoever "states . . . "; or that, "In the Secret Doctrine" or "In
> The Bhagavad Gita" &etc., I get a bit uncomfortable in the same way that a
> Christian might say to me, "Well, Jesus said . . ." or "In the Bible, it says . . . "
> Truth seems to lme to be more of a "relative" than an "absolute" matter.
> Perhaps we could even go so far as to say that "The truth of the matter is
> that there is no absolute truth."  "Truth" - however defined - is, perhaps, only in
> the perceptual field of the beholder.  We, each of us, perhaps, must thus
> conclude whether the "explanation" provided by "whoever," gives us that
> "intuitive comfort zone" that it is something that we can trust.  Otherwise
> we risk becoming just another "true believer" rather than an inquisitive
> skeptic.
> Just some ponderings from an early morning wakeup.  Perhaps there are
those  of you listening in who have some thoughts on this matter of "explanations
> and truth?"  Most respectfully, Jim Rodak

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