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Re: Theos-World Re: Agni Society

Jan 27, 2001 09:19 AM
by adelasie

Dear Govert,

Agni Yoga is a very well-established and widely followed 
movement, originating in Russia. The teachings were received from 
the Master Morya by Helena and Nicholas Roerich at a time (1920-
50 approximately) when Russia was closed off from the rest of the 
world. Now followers of Agni Yoga, also called Living Ethics, are 
free to reach out to the rest of the world, and many find themselves 
attracted to Theosophy. Nicholas Roerich was a gifted and prolific 
artist. There is a website for the Roerich Museum in New York 
which might give more information

Hope this helps,

The Roerich Museum in 

On 26 Jan 01, at 14:30, Govert Schuller wrote:

> Can anybody help this friend of mine? She contacted me with the
> following querry:
> Do you actually know anyone from the Agni Yoga Society? If not, are
> you still on the Theosophy e-list? Maybe someone there knows the
> scoop. I'm reading the Fiery World series and really need to know who
> wrote (dictated) the text (Morya? Maitreya?), and to whom (him or
> her). As I mentioned to you before, none of this is indicated in any
> of their literature. Sure wish I could connect with someone in the
> know.

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