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Re: David Reigle's Review of THE NATURE OF THINGS by William Magee

Jan 27, 2001 03:17 PM
by sherab

I haven't read this book, but I have read David Reigle's essays on 
his research of the root term Swabhava and its derivitives as 
mentioned in the Stanza of Dzyan. The Sanskrit term and various 
derivitives frequently appear in Tibetan Buddhist teachings. I 
suggest that a deep study of the Dzogchen teachings and the Mahamudra 
teachings will reveal what HPB was hinting at. The 
term "swabhavakaya" appears in some Nyingma tradition text translated 
very carefully into English. Remember these teachings are at the 
highest level of the Vajrayana, and have been held in secret until 
the teachings began their movement to the west. So it is not unlikely 
that rude researchers from the west would not be granted knowledge of 
something that is only passed on from Master to disciple from mouth 
to ear.

As for the subject of emptiness, it is the heart of the Prajna 
Paramitra Sutras. In fact it is refered to as the Heart Sutra and it 
is only a few short lines. But those lines are of such depth and 
profundity that they could easily entail a lifetime's worth of 
meditation. The term "emptiness" is a very technical term that has 
outer, inner, and secret meanings. It is a state of awareness that is 
at the fulcrum of difference between the teachings of Buddhism and 

David Riegle's analysis is clear and scholary. I suggest a reading of 
them to anyone interested in the background of his review.


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