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Fw: Kaufman's Unified Reality Theory

Jan 15, 2001 01:27 PM
by Eugene Carpenter

Dear Group,

I forward this forward. I hope I'm not too forward!

Leon. You know anything about this. Sounds very interesting.

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> Unified Reality Theory
> By Steven E. Kaufman
> Summary
> This book presents a model of reality that describes how existence evolves
> from an absolute state of undifferentiated consciousness into a relative
> state of differentiation that is our awareness of experiential reality by
> forming relationships with itself repeatedly and progressively.
> >From The Book
> The idea that the universe consists of existence that has formed
> relationships with itself is not new. Taoists have understood that for at
> least a couple of thousand years. What is new here is the presentation of
> this idea in the form of a detailed and defined structural model that,
> developed, will be correlated with our current experiences regarding the
> behavior and nature of physical reality as described by science in
> and physics in particular.
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