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Re: Intuition - Re: (bn-study) Struggling to find the origin of the point of it All

Jan 15, 2001 10:31 PM
by leonmaurer


I hope you don't mind my answering this letter online -- since your important 
questions and their discussion may be of interest to other students.

I don't think that HPB really was "distinguishing intuition from faith"... 
Since, she actually implied that faith is based on "an inner intuition" 
misapplied. Meaning that intuition is the *wisdom* of Buddhi that is always 
there, although normally hidden. And, that this intuitive knowledge must be 
awakened (brought up to consciousness or "initiated") before we can continue 
on the path toward adeptship. Incidentally, that hidden (or occult) "wisdom" 
was the "'intuitive truth'" I referred to in my earlier posts. 

However, until we arrive at Self realization and gain intellectual knowledge 
of the true theosophical genesis, we don't have conscious recognition of our 
intuitive wisdom... Although, it does influence our "human" choices. For 
example, those ignorant of the true reality (although with an "inner" 
intuitive sense of "unity with the all"), who find unity offered though a 
religious teaching of a "personal God-Creator," will accept their "intuition" 
blindly and out of ignorance of its wisdom convert it into a "faith" in that 
false god -- in whose name most of the devastation's of the world (including 
the so called "Holy Wars") have been sanctified. Perhaps, that is what is 
meant by the Buddha's saying that "ignorance is our worst enemy and the cause 
of all human suffering." And why WQJ taught that our "intuition must be 
tempered by (our) reason." 

Incidentally, the Yaqui Indian Shaman Don Juan (as reported by Carlos 
Castenadas) added "clarity of mind" as another of our enemies. I pondered on 
this for some time before I realized that what he was referring to was that 
reason alone, without intuition (or Manas linked to Buddhi), could be equally 
dangerous to our survival on the path, or advancement in the "plan" of 
evolution. This becomes obvious when it is realized that the true reality, 
being both empty and full, motional and still, one and many, etc., is a 
paradox that rational thinking alone cannot resolve, and thus becomes subject 
to accumulative and repetitive error. The purpose then of the metaphysical 
teaching as well as all its analogies and correspondences, is to help us lose 
the "clarity of mind" we *think* we have when we base all our reality and our 
actions on reason alone -- which, by itself, can only add to our 
"ignorance"... (Even though we may have a great deal of practical and 
scientific "knowledge" in the ordinary material sense.)

As for the phrase "intuitive student"; I was using that in the same sense as 
HPB. In many instances in the SD, after a particularly cryptic analogy (for 
example, when she gave Jesus' number as 888) she would say, in so many words, 
"the 'intuitive student' will know what that means." I took those remarks not 
only as "hints," but also as a teaching... Indicating that such a student 
would be one who had either awakened intuition in a past life, or has reached 
that stage of theosophical knowledge that intuition had become united with 
mental or intellectual awareness. From my own point of view, when I realized 
that such remarks were hints, I thoroughly restudied the previous teachings 
that led up to it, and eventually grasped what it referred to. (But, each 
student has to understand the meaning for themselves when that stage of 
intellectual and intuitional synthesis is reached.) 

Isn't that why HPB stressed the "Head Doctrine" in the SD, and covered its 
metaphysics so thoroughly and in such detail? This is fairly obvious, since 
the Book of Dzyan on which it is based, is nothing but metaphysics. But, HPB 
also wrote in an intentionally visually graphic manner (reinforced by her 
direct instruction on how to read "into and around" her words) so that it 
would help awaken our ability to utilize our right brain with its power of 
abstract nonlinear visualization in conjunction (if not coadunation) with the 
left brain and its power of concrete linear language. Thus, symbology can be 
joined with conceptuality, and subjectivity joined with objectivity.

Wouldn't this also imply that her metaphysical teachings, along with those 
"hints," were designed to join higher and lower Manas together, and in 
effect, give advanced "intuitive students" the means to further bridge the 
gap between their right and left brain? I also presume that those who seem 
to be born with an awakened intuition have that gorge already partially 
crossed -- most likely from being a chela or initiate in a previous ould have 
with the power of *will* as well as with the other "psychic powers latent in 
man" -- which we were enjoined to investigate in the third object of the 

Wouldn't you say, in light of the above, that a major purpose of the SD, was 
to help us prepare our instruments (mind-brain-body) for the next level of 
human evolution (and in a personal sense, our next lifetime) so we can 
continue on the path to a higher level of initiation, and thus, be better 
able to help and teach others as well as "spread broadcast" the teachings to 
the world at large? 

Therefore, wouldn't this coupling of intuition and reason also be the means 
to actually rebuild and change our astral brain so as to advance the 
evolution of our physical brain in the next life -- thereby increasing our 
intellectual as well as our intuitional powers? Isn't one of the major goals 
on the path, the purification (i.e., joining together) of all seven of our 
inner natures? And. Wouldn't his include the astral and physical bodies and 
their associated senses? 

Therefore, it seems that the metaphysical "Head Doctrine" teachings in the 
SD, coupled with the practices of the compassionate "Heart Doctrine" (as 
further amplified in the VOS) were carefully chosen by the Masters to be, 
side by side and with each supporting the other, the means to gradually start 
building our Nirmanakaya body -- which would have to follow the rebuilding of 
our Astral body -- in consciously intuitive parallel with our gradually 
increasing rational understanding and increasingly self healing psychic 

Thus, the universal involutionary and evolutionary process can continue its 
eternal progress -- with both its material and spiritual life each assisting 
the other in perfect harmony. And, as more and more of us individually 
progress toward this higher state of being, and each "nuclei" transforms into 
a "cell" and then, together, into a "seed" -- such progress will become more 
and more evident to others of lesser development who will emulate our lives 
and our actions -- to more and more rapidly bring the entire human race to 
its next higher state of evolutionary progress. 

Could we, as a *group* of theosophical "companions", then, be the symbolic 
"Kalki Avatar", or "Messiah yet to come" -- who are destined to become the 
"elder brothers" of the sixth sub-race during this upcoming 7th and *last* 
cycle of the "Theosophical Movement"? Isn't this what the Masters' 
theosophical teachings are all about, and were designed to accomplish? 
Especially, if we consider HPB's warning that this new cycle is the turning 
point that could set us on the way to a thousand years of paradise on Earth, 
or set us back another million years of evolution... Depending on whether or 
not theosophists trained in the 20th century succeed or fail in their efforts 
to spread broadcast the teachings to the masses of ordinary people -- before 
the Earth which we've devastated by our rapacity in the past two centuries 
turns against us and destroys us before the end of this one. Isn't that the 
real "point of it all"? So, when are we going to join together and do it?

I hope this might lead to further discussion, ideas and insights that might 
be helpful in our mutual spread broadcasting of the *root* teachings of 
theosophy in the "language of this age" to those still caught up in the 
rational/sensory world of 1 + 1 = 2 rather than 11, or 7+7, or 5, or 10 -- as 
it is in the irrational/ideal intuitive world. (Although there's no reason 
why the two views can't be mutually supportive -- since neither can exist 
without the other.)



In a message dated 01/10/01 7:52:52 PM, writes:

> Subject: [bn-study] Re:Struggling to find the origin of the point of
>it All.
>> Ref: Your message of Monday, January 08, 2001 4:20 AM, on the blavatsky
>> Leon,
>> You get into the arena of "intuition" with your use of expressions like
>> "intuitive truth" and "intuitive student." I know that HPB has addressed
>> the subject of "intuition" in several of her articles in her Collected
>> Works, distinguishing it from, for example, "faith." - e.g., in C.W., Vol.
>> XII, p. 407, she writes>>
>> '"Faith" is but the misapplication of an inner intuition. The latter shows
>> to us unerringly a 'general' truth, in this, or that, universal 
>> which the former proceeds to objectivise and disfigure, according to the
>> canons of our objective plane. Intuition is divine, but faith is human.'"
>> I would be interested on your thoughts on this subject of "intuition,"
>> esp. as it applies from a theosophical metaphysical perspective.

>> Jim Rodak

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