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Re: Theos-World: ordinary flapdoodle

Jan 12, 2001 05:15 AM
by Bart Lidofsky

> Frank Reitemeyer wrote:
> >And if my brother is acting like an idiot, it would be unbrotherly
> not
> >to let him know.
> >
> >Bart Lidofsky
> That is my understanding too. But that implicates that all those who
> protest against lies and fakings on HPB and Theosophy can't really be
> persecuted as unbrotherly men as it is usual in "theosophical"
> circles...

It is not unbrotherly to stop someone from perpetrating fraud. But
there is a big difference between fraud and a difference in opinion. And
it is unbrotherly to assume that everybody who does not agree with one
is a fraud.

Bart Lidofsky

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