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RE: Theos-World Re: copyright == CAN ANYONE COPYRIGHT TRUTH ?

Jan 08, 2001 05:28 PM
by dalval14

Monday, January 08, 2001

Dear Friends:

This appears to be a problem with many ramifications:

Seems to me the problem of dealing with the idea and the ideal of
ADEPTS, MAHATMAS, etc. is not to replace our devotion to a
personal "GOD" to THEM. And, pray or plead for special favors or
dispensations. They do not work for "followers" and they need no

One has to grasp the concept that Nature (the Universe) already
runs according to vast and immutable laws. It has as a permanent
record all facts, events, laws, desires, motives, deeds by all
beings impacted on its imperishable akasic records. Those cannot
be changed or altered.

We share in all that. Our Mind (Manas) is a part of the
Universal Mind (Mahat). The intelligence, consciousness, and
ability to perceive on many planes of matter belongs to Mind
because it cannot be extinguished or dissolved. It is the Mind
that gives us the sense of Egoship, from life to life, and from
one day to the next -- it bridges the gaps made by other state
and planes where interaction hakes place but where, not
necessarily, a record is kept open for the physical brain-mind to

>From what They write they are very busy persons and cannot
acceded to petitions and desires to see, meet or talk with them
unless something is truly of world-shaking portent and universal
value in our desire. To aspire to meet Them and interrupt Their
work for our satisfaction is like a freshman just entering
university, going to the President (or the Chancellor) to see if
he exists and answer some trite question.

Their writings and ideals as expressed there are adequate "proof"
of Their existence and of Their Work. The logic and cohesiveness
of Theosophy is proof of the antiquity and power of Their
continual observation (as history in all departments of study
demonstrates) .

Our problem is that we are (seemingly and constantly) looking for
some "escape route from things we know we have abused," or "we
desire something for nothing." Or we think that if we select the
right "god" we will secure some advantage by our devotion. Some
have said that If they (we) were given proof of Their
existence -- say an interview -- they would "believe" in Them and
in the value of Theosophy. But consider: What profit would
result to the world, to us, would we "believe any better?" Would
we make a change in our lives ?" Would we hereafter devote our
lives to the specific service of our fellow men? Or would we
continue as we are ?

Why not look at Theosophy as a method of universal adjustment
which brings into consideration factors we had not known or
considered (justice, fairness, compassion, mercy to those who are
weaker, assistance to the poor, brotherhood, constructive
devotion to the needs of others that come to our attention, etc.,
etc., ) before. Are those significant? Are we able to give a
reasonable answer to these questions? What study have we pursued
so as to be able to make judgments in these areas? Are we
knowledgeable or not yet able ? What steps are we going to adopt
to become wiser ?

The persons we consider to be the grandest examples of humanity,
never did anything to attract personal attention. They selected
an ideal in relations and service to others, and then pursued it
without deviating. We respect them for their elevated choice of
an ideal to exemplify and from that, their devotion and
unshakable perseverance. The Adepts have given examples of
this -- the literature of Theosophy (I mean the ORIGINAL
LITERATURE published during the life-time of H.P.B. ) offers many
proofs of that. But, one has to study and test it. Second-hand
opinions are of little value, unless we have tested the subject
on which the opinion is offered. Naturally, this relates
directly to what I write here -- it has to be checked. We have,
each of us, to use our minds and apply the rules and principles
of universal thinking and logic to see if there is any truth in

Internet like the telephone and wireless/cables and finally as
radio and TV are all media for the transmission of information
and rapid contact. Their potential and use is directed by the
motives of those who use them. As instruments their potential is
not revealed until they are used. Obviously, the more rapid the
contact the more rapid will the karma of response be. Imagine
what it would be like if we all had instantaneous thought-contact
and thought-transfer !

Best wishes



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Subject: Theos-World Re: copyright

Here is an interesting msg I found on alt-theosophy newsgroup.

I have always felt that Internet can do a lot of good to a lot of
around the world in providing access to written material even
though the
copyright (and the money) and many other issues clash with the
Internet is providing as a tool. It is also creating new issues
"spiritual" organizations to deal with since it takes away the
control of
the medium of communication they are used to and with the
exposure and use by the present younger generation, we will see
reaching changes that no one can predict and even supplanting
organizations which in some cases "assume" the role of "sole"
gatekeeper of
access to the "Adepts" thus also enforcing control on those who
believe is
such a system.

We are fortunate that all the classic material that came out
during the
early days of modern Theosophy (when the Theosophical Adepts were
actively involved in the propogation of Theosophy) is in public
domain and
some organizations have made them available for download on the
The website mentioned below has links to various downloadable
including theosophical material.

Much good and exciting times are ahead for the common man and
woman and
child who want to access info that would help their spiritual
growth and
thus help welfare of the Humanity.


On Fri, 05 Jan 2001 04:31:03 GMT, in alt.theosophy wrote:

>In article
"Stephen" <> wrote:

Does anyone know anything about the dispute between the Lucis
trust and netnews (where Alice Bailey works are being offered

It's my understanding that the some of the more conservative
at Lucis Publishing/Trust are worried (fearful) about potential
shortages with text from the books being freely available on the
internet, while the servers who have made the books available at are not. It's also my understanding that the Lucis
leadership has wisely made no plans to take any legal action
netnews. Maybe if they did, they'd have heart attacks or
something! ;-)

Some people, including myself think that the time has come for
the AAB
teachings to be made available to anyone with access to the
internet. I
don't know for sure, but imagine that Lucis has sold more books
year thanks to, than before. My guess is that the
would say that the greatest value of the internet is that it
people to obtain information that will help them expand their
consciousness without necessarily having to spend money towards
end. As the externalization of the Hierarchy proceeds, more and
people from all parts of the world are being drawn to these
and what netnews has done can only help.

In the Extract from a Statement by the Tibetan (Djwhal Khul) which you probably know
is on
the first two pages of all the books, He said: "My work is to
and spread the knowledge of the Ageless Wisdom wherever I can
find a
response..." Surely he would want this opportunity for larger
to be seized to the maximum.

It's very helpful for some people who don't live near a bookstore
stocks such books) to be able to preview the books before
which ones to buy (if any). I live near a nice bookstore that
the books, but it's much more convenient for me to preview them
on the
(never closing) net than to drive to the store (where they may or
not have all the books on hand), and I'm sure there are others in
same boat who prefer the same method.

We are fast approaching a time when commercialization of nearly
everything will become nothing more than a part of our sorry
Sharing, brotherhood, and love will become the universal
currencies -
regardless of whether or not some good old fashioned people like

Oops - you were probably just looking for facts. Sorry - guess I
carried away.

Om Tat Sat Hari Om

Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul's books on Esoteric Philosophy-
English online edition:
German online edition:

Lucis Trust


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