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RE: [bn-basic] Some questions for the New Year......

Jan 08, 2001 05:27 PM
by dalval14

Monday, January 08, 2001

Dear Friends:

As a matter of practical definitions in answer to the 2
questions, one might go to Mme. Blavatsky's THE VOICE OF THE

In the 2nd. Fragment: THE TWO PATHS we find her showing how the
"Doctrine of the Eye" and the "Doctrine of the Heart" are to be
distinguished and separated.

The "Eye" ( or "Head") Doctrine is usually quite literal. It is
selfish and is oriented to advantages to be acquired rapidly for
personal benefit in THIS LIFETIME. It is the KNOWLEDGE acquired
and stored as information or data in the brain-mind.

When for instance a scholar, orientalist, or seeker into
religious roots tries to translate an ancient text, he usually
confines his rendition to the parameters that are already
accepted by his specialty. He does not venture to look within
the words or read between the lines, or ask: "Why is that
particular phrasing used? Where do the 'names' used derive

The "Doctrine of the Heart" is focused on the heritage of
Buddhi-Manas which is derived from the MONAD (Atma-Buddhi) and is
universal and permanent -- hence it is UNIVERSAL WISDOM. Since
it deals with the ongoing relations of immortal beings, it takes
into account many lives which, each, generated Karma, some of
which accrues as effects in this, our present life.

Since the majority of us have no way of proving or disproving
one's past lives -- and consequently no idea of a previous
existence, they focus on the present and those aspects of the
near-present they can choose to manipulate selfishly, in the hope
of a personal future of greater selfish ease.

The whole purpose of Theosophy is to enable those who feel there
is a "higher life," and higher reasons for behaviour, are able to
search and then, to see this distinction between the two
"doctrines" and the goals they portray.

When perceived as a fact or a TRUTH, then the living of our lives
in terms of the "Heart Doctrine" acquires the dimension of
benevolence, love and charity. The distinction between VIRTUES
and VICES becomes clear. In a letter to Mr. Sinnett, one of the
Adepts writes (in part): "...the man or woman who is placed by
Karma in the midst of small plain duties and sacrifices and
loving kindnesses, will through these faithfully fulfilled rise
to the larger measure of Duty, Sacrifice and Charity to all
Humanity--what better path towards the enlightenment you are
striving after than the daily conquest of Self, the perseverance
in spite of want of visible...progress, the bearing of
ill-fortune with that serene fortitude which turns it to
spiritual advantage--since good and evil are not to be measured
by events on the lower or physical plane..." (ML 372)

A "vice" is an exaggerated virtue directed for and by the desire
to acquire and use knowledge personally, and in secret for one's
own benefit and disregarding the needs and rights of other
beings. It is pride and arrogance that we can see in such cases,
if we give time to examining our real motives. It certainly
throws brotherhood to the winds if adopted.

A careful study of the 7 "Principles" in Nature (the Universe)
and in Man (the miniature Universe) show how the 3 immortal
principles ( ATMA-BUDDHI-MANAS) overshadow the "Personality" --
consisting of 4 "principles": ( KAMA -- PRANA -- ASTRAL BODY --
PHYSICAL BODY ) The definitions will be found given extensive
pages: Vol. 1 200-1, 242-6. And there are several more
references that will prove helpful -- a good INDEX to those 2
books helps.

But mere information and an ability to place labels on those
divisions of our nature will not help unless we put into
practical application the knowledge acquired -- that is the root
of motive and our "progress" can only be measured in those terms.

That is as I understand it.



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The outstanding practical questions for the leading of the life
of true
religion are:

(1) how shall I extricate my mind from its thralldom to
personal feelings, and

(2) how shall I train the mind to elevate my feelings
to manifest divine virtues in one's all too human personality?

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