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Re:Struggling to find the origin of the point of it All.

Jan 08, 2001 02:21 AM
by leonmaurer

In a message dated 01/07/01 3:18:46 PM, writes:

>Total Unconditioned Consciousness and Bare Subjectivity
>Absolute abstract motion and absolute abstract space.

In reality, the above statement implies a necessary duality that must exist 
within the Absolute pre-manifest Reality in order to maintain a Polarity, as 
well as a Duality, within a (Monadic) Unity, both before and after the 
"Absolute abstract motion" AND "absolute abstract apace" (that is its 
essential *ground* of absolute motionlessness) becomes manifest. HPB is too 
rigorous a writer to use the word "and" except in it true logical meaning... 
In this case as a separation between two different essential elements or 
aspects of *one* thing -- encompassing a *trinity* in essence. (*---* = 

Thus, a duality must come from a duality, and a trinity must come from a 

Note: How this actually occurs after emanation in accord with the
Three fundamental principles was explained in my previous posts 
in bn-sd, bn-basic, theos-talk forums, and pictured symbolically and 
discussed on the web sites:

Therefore, while there is only one Unconditioned Consciousness (represented 
by Absolute Motion or "spinergy") prior to manifestation, that eventually 
becomes the seven principles from Atma to the Physical Body of the Universe 
as well as all the *beings* in it -- those fields of Conditioned 
Consciousness, filling all of Conditioned Space-time, would have to have a 
definite number of zero-points of *non-motion* as the Conditioned Awareness 
within each field. These zero- or laya-points, then, must be the extensions 
or reflections of the zero-point of "Bare Subjectivity" or "Absolute Abstract 
Space" that existed unconditionally prior to manifestation, or conditioned 
existence. Thus, the Monadic trinity of all fields, in order to be 
maintained in continuity and coadunation (although not in consubstantiality) 
after manifestation, must have its roots in a similar Triune basis of the 
Absolute totality. This totality, then, would be that unknown Absolute 
"Emptiness" or "Rootless Root" within which the circular spinergy of Absolute 
Motion and the zero-point of Absolute Stillness, or "Total Unconditioned 
Consciousness" and "Bare Subjectivity," are rooted. 

Thus, the totality of the manifest fields of consciousness as a *trinity*, 
and the zero points of conditioned awareness as a *unity*, would be the 
*quatrenary* representing the Manifest Universe. That, plus the unity of the 
"never to be known" Absolute (Emptiness or Void) container of all, would 
become the final *quintenary* -- which corresponds to the equation in the 
Book of Dzyan, "The Three, the One, the Four, the One, The Five, the Twice 
Seven, the Sum Total." This, of course, refers not only to the evolution of 
the fields, but also to the conscious entities, or Builders, Dhyan Chohans, 
Ah Hi, etc., who oversee and guide the initial involution and evolution of 
the Cosmos. 

It follows, then, that the Buddha's statement that "Nothing comes from 
Nothing" also means that something has to come from something. And, that 
something (and the something that it comes from) "is neither empty nor full, 
but both" -- as HPB pointed out. (This, of course, could be extended to being 
"neti, neti," or neither nothing nor something, but both -- as both the 
Buddha and I have pointed out.;-) 

>My intuition is that these two are identical but that it takes time and
>space for the student to understand this. One needs to clear the 
>mind of all illusion; emotions of all glamour and the behavior of all 
>bad habits. Then one's perception of Total Consciousness as 
>distorted motion/space becomes clarified Absolute motion/space 
>and is the perfect representation of the one Consciousness.

>I sense something else, however. This Consciousness is empty: 
>not in a negative sense, not in a positive sense, but in a neutral, 
>restful, peaceful sense; a peaceful sense that surpasses our 
>understanding, even the most perfect understanding.
>I am happy to start with:
>"Nothing comes from nothing."
>To me this states the basic fact. Nothing can remain nothing and 
>yet be stated as equations. These equations are harmonized with 
>our integrated and total experience of the world and one is allowed 
>to assert that for every action there must be an equal and opposite 
>reaction. It seems to me that the Buddha meant that the fact is that 
>there is nothing. One cannot create something out of nothing so 
>that what seems like something is really nothing. Nothing(no 
>assumptions, neti, neti) appears as nothing to the enlighened mind. 
>All thought upon the subject is now over. One is free to leave, yet, 
>there are others who do not see this. Thought is over but the 
>compassion begins. These others are projections of one's own true 
>self and enlightenment must now be allowed to sink deeper and 
>deeper into all of "creation". There is a rock solid foundational 
>reason that one can't allow any sentient being to suffer without 
>trying one's best to help that being. Altruism is a choice, but there 
>are very good reasons for choosing such a life.
>Leon, I accept that it is probable that what you are explaining to 
>me is true, that there must be assumptions that aren't themselves 
>proven, but, part of me, a foolish part, perhaps a wise part, or both, 
>senses that there may be no need for any unproven assumptions, 
>just Self-evident Truth.

All well and good, as far as speculations or theories go. But, "Self-evident 
Truth" has to be backed up by actual conscious *experience* of that Truth, 
both intuitively and rationally. That's the only mindful *activities* that 
can make it truly evident. When one has intuitively experienced the nature 
of the fundamental truths, then, provided one looks a little deeper, all the 
derivative analogies and correspondences also become self evident. As these 
analogies and correspondences are also part of our rational experience, they 
can then be explained both in writing and graphically, and related both 
indirectly and directly to the absolute truths one has grasped intuitively. 

HPB used this technique in all her writings (in the language of her age). 
Therefore, every scientific correlation I've used (in the language of this 
age) to rationally and logically explain the nature of the Manifest Cosmos 
with relation to the Absolute Totality (of which it is the direct expression) 
-- has been gleaned solely from the writings of HPB in the Secret Doctrine, 
along with the Glossary and her other tutorial articles, transactions and 
books, coupled with deep meditation on every word, phrase and sentence read 
(sometimes out loud with expression :-). 

While doing this study, whatever graphic image or equation came up in mind, 
triggered by the readings -- I immediately drew a picture or wrote it down in 
the margin. After the first ten years, when all the margins were full, I 
purchased another copy of the SD and started over from scratch with an 
entirely new set of margin notes referring to whatever correlation of modern 
science made sense. 

(Although the ethical and moral aspects of the teachings were implied and 
noted, that was not the purpose of the SD -- since it was specifically 
designed to teach the metaphysics behind these precepts which were more 
thoroughly elucidated in the companion *practice* book, *The Voice of the 

It is these same words, phrases and sentences in the SD, as explanations of 
intuitive truths, that has similarly inspired all the major breakthroughs of 
modern science -- from the seminal (although sometimes contradictory) 
theories of relativity, 
quantum-mechanics-dynamics-entanglement-indeterminacy-cosmology, etc., to 
superstrings-membranes, as well as the theory of ABC that integrates them 
all. So, it's all there, in the SD, for the "intuitive students" to glean 
for themselves by careful, self devised and self determined study and effort. 
Einstein said, modestly, when people called him a genius, that "Genius is 
simply concentration on a single thought or idea for a long period of time."

I hope this adds further clarification to the study of the theosophical 
metaphysics as partially, if not fully, divulged in the Secret Doctrine and 
other writings of HPB.


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