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Re: Theos-World INTUITION What is it?

Jan 07, 2001 05:47 PM
by Eugene Carpenter


Yes. I will. Please see a Chart XII from "The Theosophist" for December,

The seven Kosmic Planes are depicted and the biggest bird's eye view of the
Theosophic organizational pattern for the planes that I've seen is given.

For those who are Familiar with "pseudotheosophy" it is reprinted on page
1230 of A Treatise On Cosmic Fire, by Alice A. Bailey. On page 344 of that
same text there is another Chart worth viewing.

I am very sorry that I may be confusing. I have tried to refrain from
referencing materials that some find objectionable as HPB is rather
inclusive and I'm more than willing to confine myself to her work on this

Again. I understand that the planes are the same as states of
consciousness. Again, the list of the planes useful in having
correspondances for the Macrocosm and the microcosm are:


1. Logoic
2. Monadic
3. Atmic
4. Buddhic
5. Manasic
6. Astral
7. Physical

1. first ether
2. second ether
3. third ether
4. fourth ether(plasma)
5. gaseous
6. liquids
7. solids

I have found these, like a map, to be an extremely, no, an essential
understanding for detailed communication in Theosophy/"Pseudotheosophy".
The only real areas of confusion in terms are present in the use of the word
Astral and the use of the word Mental'
Astral now very often refers to the emotional state of consciousness or to
the emotional plane whereas before, in HPB's day, it referred to the etheric
physical. Also I have seen a text on Vedanta refer to the emotional plane
as the Mental plane meaning Kamic plane rather than the manasic plane.

While in physical incarnation all states of consciousness register within
the physical states of the brain like some brain radio receiver tuning into
certain frequencies, but I just refer to the major planes directly without
being super technical.

The conventional psychologists refer to the physical, emotional and the
lower mental planes and these together or the states of consciousness
familiar to all of us as the personal worlds are our common personal
physical, emotional and mental environments. The transpersonal
psychologists refer to the higher mental, the entire buddhic and the lower
atmic planes or states of consciousness as the transpersonal or group
consciousness planes or states of consciousness (atma-buddhi-manas) and the
rest of the planes or states of consciousness are the transcendental planes.

The Logic plane "manifests" through the transcendental planes. The monadic
plane "manifests" through the transpersonal planes. the Atmic plane
manifests through the personal planes. The correspondances should hold on
the Cosmic planes as well as our physical plane subplanes as all is the
basic musical way of organizing thought, number, color and sound that is
found throughout Theosophical literature and intensely clarified within the
Instructions for the Esoteric Section, Vol. Twelve, page 524 or thereabouts
in the collected writings of HPB.( see the wonderful diagrams there. The
planes are implicit)

The personal planes are referred to as the planes of matter. The
transpersonal planes are referred to as the planes of substance(spiritual
substance). The transcendental planes might be referred to as the planes of
Being. I just thought of this so I'm not clear on this last statement.

I'm so very pleased that you are careful and guarded concerning what is good
Theosophy and what might be Pseudotheosophy. This field of study is too
important to become confused and distorted. I will try my best to be clear
and express intelligently. Once we determine which sources are good
theosophical sources, then we must be wary of blinds and veils and honest
mistakes and mistranslations. That is why I am trying to re-create the
broad outlines of theosophical thought within my own mind not only beginning
with the fundamentals but also questioning and trying to understand the
fundamentals. There are so many pitfalls which might seem insurmountable
and so many practices and meditations that might be dangerous that the
responsibility to think for oneself looms significant and deeply important.
Also: "Occultism is altruism, pure and simple." HPB To love humanity
with all one's heart and soul is the foundation of true theosophy it seems
to me. With this: all the centre's will evolve and mature and the kundalini
will naturally arise and enlightenment will occur given time and space, and
this despite the different terminologies used by well-meaning people,
siblings on the path.


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> From: "Eugene Carpenter" <>
> > I'm sorry that it is not clear. Yours is. I is my responsibility to be
> > clear one day. I'll keep working on it.
> You would clarify things quite a bit if you mentioned that your
> re: the planes, rays of aspect etc. are coming from the pseudo-theosophy
> my mind) of Leadbeater, Besant & Alice Bailey. HPB used different terms,
> different concepts and when the same word is used by HPB & the others, the
> meaning is often also quite different.
> I wonder what percentage of folks on Theos-talk are familiar with both
> systems and know the important differences?
> Best,
> Nicholas

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