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Jan 07, 2001 05:47 AM
by dalval14

Sunday, January 07, 2001

Dear Friend:

I have been thinking of the problem you posit about how ONE
CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE might be said the CONTROL the uncountable
karmic transactions of all beings everywhere in terms of OUR
CONCEPT of time, space and motion.

If we limit our thought to what we know on this the physical
plane, the difficulties appear insurmountable. No good analogy
comes to mind.

But let's look at the management of a good business or the
government of a well run country -- where, ideally:

The rules and government procedures are determined over years of
experience. They are sensitive to variations and are set to
return odd divergences to some central clear path which brings
exact results back to the source of disturbance (be it good or

Let us assume that the inner structure is IDEAL, and the
administrators are absolutely incorruptible and inflexible in
terms of response. Extend this right down to the fringes of
contact with the "public."

If possible visualize the actual tendrils of sensation
interpenetrating all aspects of evolution -- and therefore being
specially aware of all divergences from LAW (which is fairness,
justice and mercy -- TO ALL WITHOUT ANY EXCEPTIONS).

One might say that the MONADIC ESSENCE (S.D. I 619) is that
ever-living, ever-differentiating BACKGROUND of sensitivity where
the MONADS of any one evolutionary period (S.D. I 632-3) are
pursuing their responsible task of intelligent, conscious, and
mind-self-development and seeking to become BUDDHI-MANASIC

It is the point at which one might say the consciousness of the
human family is on the knife-edge of the MOTIVE is being
developed, -- of it being trained and honed into an excellence of
impartiality, universality, and unselfish generosity and service.
No "bad or evil" can be done again by any such being -- its
"touch" is benevolent and does not exceed the force needed to
re-establish balance and harmony. (With the proviso that any
entity which disturbs general harmony will be the ONLY ONE who
will have to restore it.)

Our problem is that we observe in business and government the
usual personal selfishness and self-seeking attempts made by
those officials or operatives, who arrogate to themselves the
power to make special concessions or "arrangements." In the
REAL WORLD there are no "bargains, no deals." Each one makes
his own bed and each one lies in it.

In a Universe with the IDEAL SPIRITUAL LAWS in place, all
attempts by any entity to deviate from those ideals of SERVICE,
universal principles of action and behaviour -- the detail of
bringing back into harmony and balance any disturbance caused by
a selfish application of free-will is automatically handled by
each smallest MONAD in its own place and time.

I can think of no other explanation as viewed from our limited
experience, but, perhaps this might help -- at least as a
"talking point."

Best wishes,


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