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German email list

Jan 05, 2001 04:37 PM
by Frank Reitemeyer

you are invited to join the German speaking mailinglist under
We are online since August 2000 and are 72 members now. We have deep philosophical discussions, book reviews and a lot of fun!
As the list get's more and more known among the German cyber-Esotericists we are growing slowly but steady.
People not only from Germany, Switzerland and Austria are joining us, but also fellows from The Netherlands, Hungary, USA and England. There is also a slowly growing download section of hard to find and never published before German theosophical items.
There are Theosophists from all lineages, New Agers, Therapeutic Touchers, Anthroposophists and Freemasons among us.
Enough stuff for a dialog, don't?
Best from Berlin,

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