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Re: Aurobindo on Master KH

Nov 23, 2000 12:01 PM
by arthra999


Thank you for the information.

I hadn't heard of that before and your suggestion it was a poem 
led me to consult my own volume of the "Collected Poems- The 
Complete Poetical Works"- 1989 edition of Sri Aurobindo!

Sure enough on page 83 is a poem entitled " The Mahatmas"...

The poem is as follows, but I deleted the later portion as it is 
quite long:

The Mahatmas


(This poem is purely a play of the imaginative, a poetic 
reconstruction of the central idea only of Mahatmahood.)

The seven mountains and the seven seas
Surround me. Over me the eightfold Sun
Blazing and various colours-green and blue,
Scarlet and rose,violet and gold and white,
And the dark diskthat rides in the mortal cave-
Looks down on me in flame. Below spead wide
The worlds of the Immortals, tier on tier
Like a greeta mountain climbing to the skies.
And on their summit Shiva dwells. Of old
My doings were familiar with the earth,
The mportals over whom i hold control were then my fellows. but 
I followed not
The usual path, the common thoughts of men.
A thirst of knowledge and a sense of power, 
A passion of divine beneficience
Pursued me through a hundred lives. I rose
>From birth to birth, until i reached the peak
Of human knowledge, then in Bharat born,
I, Kuthumi, the Kshatriya, the adept,
The mighty Yogin of Dwaipayan's school,
To Vyasa came, our great original sage.
He looked at me with the eyes that see and smiled august and 
awful. "Kuthumi,"
He cried, "now gather back what thou hast earned
In many lives, remember all thy past,
Cease from thy round of human births, resume
The eightfold powers that make a man as God.
Then come again and learn thy grandiose work,
For thou of souls to death denied."


I break off here as it goes for another two pages.The paranthesis 
above were not my insertion...that's the way they are in the text 

Being fair about this I doubt we could say this is any evidence of 
Sri Aurobindo having seen or met Kuthumi, but nice try anyway.

- Art

--- In, "Blavatsky Archives" <info@b...> 
> Aurobindo on Master KH:
> "Once when I was practising yoga, He
> whom the Theosophists call Master K.H.
> came and stood before me and watched
> my yoga. I requested him to accept me
> as his disciple; but he said, 'Your 
> Master is different.'"
> Quoted on p. 214 of HAMMER ON THE 
> MOUNTAIN by Howard Murphet. I believe
> I verified that this quote
> is from MAHAYOGI SRI AUROBINDO by Diwaker 
> but will have to find my notes.
> I do know that in Aurobindo's collected
> writing [Works, 30 vols] you can find a 
> poem of his titled "The Mahatma Kuthumi."
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