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Aurobindo on Master KH

Nov 23, 2000 07:32 AM
by Blavatsky Archives

Aurobindo on Master KH:

"Once when I was practising yoga, He
whom the Theosophists call Master K.H.
came and stood before me and watched
my yoga. I requested him to accept me
as his disciple; but he said, 'Your 
Master is different.'"

Quoted on p. 214 of HAMMER ON THE 
MOUNTAIN by Howard Murphet. I believe
I verified that this quote
is from MAHAYOGI SRI AUROBINDO by Diwaker 
but will have to find my notes.

I do know that in Aurobindo's collected
writing [Works, 30 vols] you can find a 
poem of his titled "The Mahatma Kuthumi."

Daniel H. Caldwell

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