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Re: Theos-World Aurobindo on Master KH

Nov 23, 2000 08:31 AM
by Nick Weeks

> Aurobindo on Master KH:
> "Once when I was practising yoga, He
> whom the Theosophists call Master K.H.
> came and stood before me and watched
> my yoga. I requested him to accept me
> as his disciple; but he said, 'Your 
> Master is different.'"
> Quoted on p. 214 of HAMMER ON THE 
> MOUNTAIN by Howard Murphet. I believe
> I verified that this quote
> is from MAHAYOGI SRI AUROBINDO by Diwaker 
> but will have to find my notes.
> I do know that in Aurobindo's collected
> writing [Works, 30 vols] you can find a 
> poem of his titled "The Mahatma Kuthumi."

Here is part of the poem quoted in HAMMER ON THE MOUNTAIN:

And I [i.e. Kuthumi] walk
Amid men choosing my instruments,
Testing, rejecting, confirming souls,
Vessels of Spirit for the Golden Age (which) in Kali comes.

See MAHAYOGI SRI AUROBINDO by RR Diwaker, Appendix III, pp. 248-9


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