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FL Supreme Court -- Openness

Nov 19, 2000 07:22 PM
by ramadoss

One of the trends in modern day governmental administration in the US is
the attempt towards increasing openness. Many states have sunshine laws
which require public deliberations to be carried out in the open with
criminal penaties when they are broken. This trend can be tied to the
maturing of democratic processes and aided by the information and
communication revolution. It looks like theosophical and other "spiritual"
organizations may learn a lesson or likely to be left behind and disappear.
Such demise would be speeded up as the current generation which is growing
up with the Internet and email as tools for efficient handling of day to
day affairs which require communication and looks upon those organizations
which tout ancient wisdom and continue to do business in the oldfashioned

I just visited the Florida Supreme Court website and it was very
interesting. All the documents filed by all the parties todate are
available for everyone to read or download. Also the website has a mirror
site so as to handle heavy access. The oral arguments tomorrow will be
broadcast live on TV as well as on the Internet. Another interesting fact
is that *all* decisions are first posted on the websites and paper copies
are made available only later, due to the time it takes to make paper
copies. The old fashioned way is to rely on the paper first and ignore the
presence of Internet. It is amazing that Judicial Establishment which
generally tend to be conservative is making very effective use of the
modern technology as they have recognized the effectiveness and efficiency
that results.


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