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Re: Theos-World RE: [bn-sd] Space - the three are one

Nov 19, 2000 06:19 PM
by samblo

As funny as this may seem what arose in my mind was something that 
was given in a most remarkably phenomenal UFO case I was directly 
involved with in 1977-the Brain Scott Case. Sometimes the origination's
though simple are pregnant with profound meaning.

"Seek no of I--seek rather the energy of your own Being- and- the Space 
is about you"

This unusual source became an impetus for me to research Space and Being
and an accumulation of over 400 volumes of Theosophical Authors. I also 
the immense enjoyment of the non-daulist works of the Adwaita Siva' 
Philosophy written by Jaideva Singh.

"Vijnanabhairava-or Divine consciousness"
"Pratyabhijnahrdayam-The Secret of Self-recognition"
"Spanda Karikas-The Divine Creative Pulsations"
"Siva' Sutras-The Yoga of supreme Identity"

What a wonderful experience! 

Thank you all. Max 

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