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Theos-World Germs and their relationship to Diseases

Nov 20, 2000 02:45 AM
by Kathleen Arc

Dear Daniel -- I, for one, believe in this answer to the true cause of
sickness - it is KARMA. Anyone fool enough to inject themselves with the
virus of AIDS, etc., had better have a mental body totally immune to FEAR
and ANXIETY. Do you? Do I?
In my case, hardly. I would not take vaccines for anything. As a child I
was vaccinated once daily in each arm for 10 days running prior to moving
to Japan. I had many illnesses as a child -- even a form of paralysis
which I assumed was brought on by an emotional condition in the family --
BUT polio was rampant in America when I returned and this occurred. My
feeling now is I weakened the immune system immeasurably by the repeated
vaccinations -- OVERKILL, I call it.  

So I deal with my emotional body and recognize I am not a Master, but a
human wrestling with fears in the emotional body and dealing with rampant
misinformation in the world's mental body which i attempt to wade through

However for someone who wants to fight about it -- I surrender before you
start. If you believe follows thought. Regards, Kat in

P.S. I had a teacher who was Masterly in his abilities "in my view" and in
his growth in this lifetime. He had an extraordinary family and told us
often his father (a pharmacist in the European sense of the word) would go
into infected areas, rife with major diseases and heal, and return home
unscathed. The family had a history of working with spritiual brotherhoods
in their part of the world, and I would opine the father had an extremely
strong mental body, clear emotional body and enormous faith in his destiny
and the value of service.  

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