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Re: Theos-World Germs and their relationship to Diseases

Nov 19, 2000 09:35 AM
by Eugene Carpenter

My understanding is that the statement is basically correct. The language
seems a bit mystical but that is, no doubt, because I have to think and feel
to understand it and there is, of course, resistence. However:

The key words are the words,"a healthy person". Rare indeed. A fourth
degree initiate, one that lives largely within the intuitive-latent
thought-buddhic state of consciousness, the fourth plane, is one that is
said to be immune from all human disease and does not get sick. The third
degree initiate, one who largely lives within the manasic or scientific or
mental state of consciousness is immune from all disease but may choose to
become ill, however, in some symbolic way if this would benefit humanity, in
other words, an altruistic setting-of-an-example others might follow, a
powerful statement as to the illusory nature of human physical death, etc.
Second degree, first degree and probationary and pre-probationary human
beings are susceptible to disease. Who among us is really healthy?

There are two factors that must be considered. The nature of the seven
major chakras, whether over-stimulated, under-stimulated or just right and
environmental factors:physical, emotional and perhaps a tiny amount of

1. Condition of the seven major chakras
2. Physical, emotional and perhaps mental in some circumstances

The seven major chakras "govern" seven major regions of the body. They
relate through the physical body through the neuro-endocrine-immune
system(in regard to whether anyone gets infected by parasites, fungi,
bacteria, viruses, prions, etc.) There has always been the dicotomy of
agent and susceptible host.

By definition the healthy person does not get infected. The unhealthy
person gets infected. Why? Is it some powerful agent that tries to live
within the human body but puts out poisonous waste products and causes
dis-ease. Yes. But. There is a continuum of agental power from weak
agents like HIV to strong ones like Anthrax. A healthy individual, a third
and fourth degree initiate is not susceptible to being infected. We are
thrown back on the meaning of the word health. What is it to be healthy?
Those humans below the level of the third and fourth degree initiation
levels will be susceptible to disease as, by definition, some of their
chakras or one of them will be over or under stimulated.

The cure of all human disease is for humanity, as a whole, to take the third
initiation. The cure for the individual human being is to take the third
initiation. What is the third initiation?

Esoteric philosophy is an extremely well thought out philosophy. Esoteric
medicine is an extremely well formulated medicine. According to Aristotle
the virtuous man(thinker, male or female) has gained all the virtues. All
the chakras are well developed. The thinker survives, forms family groups,
is free of desire, thinks clearly and intuitively integrates mental, emotion
and physical life all for the good of the whole. Is a son of god going to
get sick when that sickness might interfere with the plan?

It is a musically organized system of color, sound and number. At a certain
level of consciousness in the system there is no role for disease, disease
serves no purpose. At other levels disease is a necessary feedback system.
It tells us something is wrong with our lives and it lends to an opening and
empathetic new life whether through cure or blessed and natural death(of
ignorance). Most disease is shared disease. It is mistake for someone with
cancer to blame themselves. It is group illness and to get well is
group-concsiousness work. We are all in this together!

I am one who writes from a theoretical base worked out in my mind from
theosophical fundamentals. I do not understand the theosophical
fundamentals and how they work out into an emotional, mental and physical
world view. So I give opinions only. I search for the proofs. However, if
I could give out the truth it would still have to be understood and one's
previous understanding would, of necessity, need to be replaced, and, not
without a fight. We have all been taught some mathematics, but do we really
understand it? Did our teachers really understand?

I think that the statement questioned above is a good statement.(I see no
basis for getting all excited that vaccinations might be dangerous.
Remember. Alot of what we are expected to do is for the good of the
community at some small risk to our little selves.) I think that this
statement can become clear to the medical community, if not already.
Western medicine deals with the patient objectively and fails to remember
the importance of the subject. Eastern medicine deals with the patient
subjectively and often fails to confront the practical world. We need the
harmonization of the subjective and the objective medical world views. To
do this one needs to understand "subtle energy". It is the dis-cover-ry of
the etheric body and the illusion of physical death that will revolutionize
western medicine and made explicit within the next several years. There are
large numbers of children being born all over the world that can "see"
etheric substance. They will be able to see the etheric bodies of human
beings as they exit their bodies. Photographs will be taken of such events,
fairly soon, if not already. (again, admittedly, I'm a bit of a bozo brain,
think for yourselves, always)


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Subject: Theos-World Germs and their relationship to Diseases

> Germs and their relationship to Diseases
> "As a matter of fact, it is doubtful whether any disease is ever
> to a healthy person by germs; the real causes are auric infection as
> by Paracelsus, made possible by Karmic weaknesses of the aura and astral
> body of the victim -- weaknesses caused by past misdeeds; introduction
> the system of putrid or morbid matter of various kinds, including vaccines
> and serums; self-indulgence, especially overeating and other bad habits;
> and to no slight degree mental suggestion in the form of dwelling on germ
> infection, fear of diseases inculcated in youth by the medical profession,
> etc." THEOSOPHY, Vol. 12, No. 10, August, 1924
> Does anyone in the Theosophical community believe the above?
> Are proponents of this "theory" suggesting that there would be no danger
> in being injected with the "germs" of lockjaw, or rabies or HIV???
> That without an "auric infection" these "germs" are harmless when
> into the human body?
> Daniel
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