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Re: Germs and their relationship to Diseases

Nov 17, 2000 09:06 AM
by arthra999

Would one necessarily have to contradict the other, that is 
recognizing germs as a factor, we also have what is natural 
factor of resistance to disease that psycho-physical in nature 
given the complex nature of the human organism so that such 
things as proclivities to certain illness are involved. 

Such factors as karma are not in my mind contradictory as cause 
and effect on the broad scale of karma are something physical 
scientists would not measure. "Auric infection" again would not 
necessarily contradict germ theory.

What I think is important is to give the findings of science their 
due but understand there are still many factors beyond scientific 
research that should be considered. 

- Art Gregory

--- In, "Blavatsky Archives" <info@b...> 
> Germs and their relationship to Diseases
> "As a matter of fact, it is doubtful whether any disease is ever 
> to a healthy person by germs; the real causes are auric 
infection as stated
> by Paracelsus, made possible by Karmic weaknesses of the 
aura and astral
> body of the victim -- weaknesses caused by past misdeeds; 
introduction into
> the system of putrid or morbid matter of various kinds, 
including vaccines
> and serums; self-indulgence, especially overeating and other 
bad habits;
> and to no slight degree mental suggestion in the form of 
dwelling on germ
> infection, fear of diseases inculcated in youth by the medical 
> etc." THEOSOPHY, Vol. 12, No. 10, August, 1924 
> Does anyone in the Theosophical community believe the 
> Are proponents of this "theory" suggesting that there would be 
no danger
> in being injected with the "germs" of lockjaw, or rabies or 
> That without an "auric infection" these "germs" are harmless 
when introduced
> into the human body?
> Daniel
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